Woman confused with boyfriend's mom because of an 18-year-age difference

YouTube personality Cree Ingles who is dating a man 18 years her junior said she's tired of being mistaken with his mother.

Ingles, 49, from Eugene, Oregon, USA, denied being a "cougar" as she insisted Aaron Johnson, 31, pursued her in 2011 after meeting as next-door neighbors, as reported by Mirror.

"It's nobody's business what you do behind closed doors, and if they want to make it their business they need to look inside their own lives and fix their issues before judging others," Ingles said.

She then pointed out that she's not a cougar since Johnson came after her with a vengeance.

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"I thought I was just messing around with the neighbor kid when he went there and made it obvious he was interested in me," she added. "Some people do assume that I'm his mum, but we both quickly let them know that we are together."

Many people were so embarrassed after the couple told them they were in a relationship. Some even stopped talking with them.

However, for Ingles and Johnson, that's their problem because they believed "love is love."

Ingles admitted that at first, she's affected with people judging her, but now she and her boyfriend simply go about their day and don't stress about the critics.

"A common misconception is our relationship is completely about sex. You don't stay together with someone for over seven years, and it just be about sex," Ingles said.

"I have been in previous relationships where my partners have been ten years younger (one male, one female) but I have also been in relationships with people older than me as well," she added.

In September 2017, Ingles and Johnson secured their relationship at a handfasting ceremony, a sentimental gesture at which hands are crossed or tied to symbolize love.

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