Wife and kids don't congratulate man on his birthday, but his secretary invited him to her home

Aby Rivas
Nov 15, 2018
11:51 A.M.

Here’s a little story that can give us a lesson about expectations, loyalty, and trust.


A man woke up excited on his birthday, ready to face the world with a smile on his face and be showered with love from his family and friends. After showering, he went to the kitchen, thinking ahead about the gift his wife surely bought for him.

However, the woman acted as if nothing. She clearly had forgotten about his birthday. He was a bit disappointed but thought "Well, ok. My children will not forget."

But they did.

Source: Flickr/jujernault

Source: Flickr/jujernault


He went to work in a bad mood, but when he arrived at his office, his secretary told him:

— Good morning, boss. Happy birthday!

He started to feel a little better as some of his co-workers also congratulated him. At some point, the man’s secretary knocked on his door and invited him to have dinner with her to celebrate his birthday.

He accepted, of course.

After they had their third martini, the secretary told the man:

— Boss, let’s go to my place. We don’t have work tomorrow, and it’s your birthday!

Source: Flickr/rdbowman

Source: Flickr/rdbowman

So they went. The man, of course, was starting to create expectations about the night on his head, And then the woman whispered in his ear:


— Boss, sit down here on a sofa and wait. I will change into something more convenient!

And she left.

In five minutes the door opened, and the secretary entered with a cake. She was followed by the man’s wife, children, parents, his mother-in-law, colleagues, friends and many others.

Source: Flickr//maiwambu

Source: Flickr//maiwambu


As he sat on the sofa, completely naked, there was only one thought on his mind:


Even though it’s funny, this little joke doesn’t sound farfetched at all.

Considering the number of men that cheat on their wives with co-workers, or even worst, the number of men in a position of power that are so self-absorbed they believe just because a woman is kind to them they are looking for something more; this could happen to anyone.

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