Father bursts into tears after stepdaughter takes his last name as a birthday gift

A father from Oregon was left in tears after his stepdaughter astounded him by taking his last name as a birthday present.

Giselle Santoyo claimed her stepfather couldn't lawfully adopt her before her eighteenth birthday. So she decided to solidify their relationship all alone.

On November 8, Giselle took to Twitter to share the video of the moment she surprised her stepfather by taking his last name.

In the adorable clip, the man can be seen breaking down in tears as he opens the gift and sees at what seems to be a frame.

Source: Twitter/gisellmarii

Source: Twitter/gisellmarii

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"My greatest gift in life is you being my dad. Our goal was for you to adopt me before I turned 18, but it was too late," Giselle wrote.

"Here I am with your gift, I changed my last name for you," she added. "I love you forever, happy birthday."

Source: Twitter/gisellmarii

Source: Twitter/gisellmarii

The teen concluded that she's "legally Giselle Marie Santoyo."

The video then shows her stepfather placing his head in his hands as tears spilled down.

Source: Twitter/gisellmarii

Source: Twitter/gisellmarii

Giselle's Twitter friends were so touched by her sweet gesture.

One user commented, "Truly amazing and lovely." Another added, "Thanks for showing us what love is."

Another heartwarming moment was when a father, who had been colorblind his whole life, received a birthday gift from his children.

The kids wanted him to see the world the way normal people do, so on his 66th birthday, they decided to surprise him with a pair of EnChroma glasses.

These special type of glasses allows colorblind people to see the world in colors the same way normal people do.

The father was unable to hold back his tears the first time he put the glasses on.

Indeed, the best gifts are those given out of pure love.

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