Gerald Levert's daughter pays tribute on anniversary of his death & releases song dedicated him

Aby Rivas
Nov 15, 2018
07:06 P.M.
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Camryn Levert, the youngest daughter of the late Gerald Levert, commemorated the 12th anniversary of his death with a touching tribute song and music video that left fans teary-eyed.


The 20-year-old girl has been singing since she was 5, and she started seriously releasing music since last year. However, her last song “I Miss You” is finally catching the attention of fans from all around the country.


The pop ballad, written by Camryn, is a tribute to her late father, R&B singer Gerald Levert. He sadly passed away in 2006 after what people initially thought was a heart attack. However, an autopsy later revealed the real cause of death was a fatal combination of several prescription and over-the-counter medications.


Camryn was 8 when her father died, so is only natural that the girl has some unresolved feelings about it. She explained on an Instagram post that writing the song for her dad was a way of letting go of some of those emotions. She wrote:

“I Miss You is a dedication song I wrote about my dad Gerald Levert, and for anyone out there who lost someone they love dearly. November 10th, 2018 will be the 12th year anniversary of my dad’s passing, and I felt it was necessary to let out bottled emotions in this song for him.”


And continued:

“I began songwriting 2 years ago, and this song is one of the best I've written to date. I hope that this song will help those who are grieving and going through a tough time losing their loved one(s). You are not alone, and this song is for you, for us. #imissyou #geraldlevert #levert.”



Fans took over her comment section to applaud the girl, not only for her talent but for making such a beautiful tribute to Levert.

“@camrynlevert, such a beautiful song and loving tribute for an amazing man. Your father is truly smiling from heaven! Thank you for blessing us with this. Continuing to pray that God keeps you and your family comforted.” -@kiera_loves_books



“That is a beautiful song young lady, and he would be proud. I miss your dad too I was a huge fan may he continue to rest peacefully.” - @dimples814

“Beautiful. I love it and you! I know he is dancing in heaven, completely proud of you!!” - @mamaxj



Camryn just released her first EP, “Moments,” last June. She told the LA Black Post about the material that its “really positive and about the experiences I’ve been through growing up and being an artist, there’s some fun stuff on there.”

She also revealed that her family makes sure she doesn’t take anything for granted and keeps working hard to achieve her dreams but maintaining her feet on the ground.


She said:

“I always try to stay as down to earth as possible. It’s not that hard to stay humble; I know what its like to have no one supporting you, so I always treat every situation and person with kindness.”

Levert is excited about what next year has for her in store.