Dream Kardashian receives a sparkling blue Bentley at her 2nd birthday bash

Maria Varela
Nov 20, 2018
12:32 A.M.
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Rob Kardashian's daughter receives a luxurious gift from her Kardashian family after celebrating her 2nd birthday with a lavish party. 

Dream Kardashian just celebrated her 2nd birthday and we’re not sure what she favored more – the lavish fairy-themed party the Kardashians threw for her, or the sparkling blue Bentley they gifted her.

It’s a tough decision but Dream is just so lucky she had both. Rob Kardashian’s daughter had quite a dreamy birthday party and we can’t stop admiring the photos.

She looked lovely in her fairy-inspired blue dress and looked even more adorable with flowers in her hair and around her waist. 


The party décor was equally impressive with giant teepees adorning the family home.

The wooden structures were decorated with crawling leaves and served as an open tent for a table and some pillows underneath. 


Guests were given strap-on fairy wings and dino hoodie jackets so they can transform into mythical creatures in keeping with the party’s theme.

Women dressed as fairies were also hired to delight Dream’s guests. An array of delectable desserts was also on display along with Dream’s light blue birthday cake.


As picture perfect as Dream’s party was, she also received the dreamiest gift from her family - a glittering blue Bentley perfect for her size.

A photo of the luxurious gift was posted by Khloe Kardashian on her Instagram Stories. It came with several colorful balloons tied to it and other packages filled with treats. 


If you’re Dream Kardashian, which would you favor more, the party or the Bentley? Our guess is, you’d choose both. 

Dream’s birthday provided a welcome reprieve for the Kardashians whose homes were recently threatened by the California wildfires.

Khloe and her daughter True were forced to move in with Rob and Dream while Kourtney Kardashian and her kids fled to Kendall Jenner’s home. 

Kim Kardashian and her family also evacuated and managed to save her home from burning. She hired private firefighters to dig ditches around the area of her home to prevent the fire from getting to it.

Her neighbors were grateful that their homes were also spared due to Kim’s efforts at keeping them safe.