Here's why some people are putting spiders on their Christmas trees

Nov 16, 2018
12:12 P.M.
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There are many legends associated with Christmas and the decorations we put up around this time. One of such decorations is putting up a spider on the Christmas tree.


It often surprises people when they see a spider decoration put up on a Christmas tree. But the tradition of doing this has existed for a long time and its origin is often attributed to either Germany or Ukraine depending upon whom you ask.

There are many versions of the folklore that provides the account of what started the tradition of putting the spiders.

Although we cannot tell for sure what the actual origin of such legends is, what we know for certain is that every version of the story provides a strong moral for everyone.


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One of the most popular versions of the spider and the Christmas tree origin story starts with a poor widow, who lived with her children in a small hut. Since they never had enough money, there were never able to celebrate Christmas properly.


However, one year, the family discovered a pine cone that had fallen and a new tree was growing from it. This delighted them as they might finally get to have their own Christmas tree.

They ensure that the tree would grow healthy and just in time for Christmas. When the holiday season came, they cut the tree down and brought it inside.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


However, as soon as they brought the tree inside, they were again disappointed because they could not afford the money to buy Christmas decorations for the tree.

With the plain pine standing in the middle of the living room, the entire family gathered around it and bemoaned the fact that they could not have a beautiful Christmas tree like everyone else.


However, something miraculous happened that night. The spiders in their hut heard the woes of the family and decided to help.

During the night, the tiny insects crawled toward the tree and strung webs across the tree is beautiful, delicate patterns. They used their webs to create silky images.


The next day, the children were absolutely baffled by the beauty of the tree enhanced by the intricate pattern of the web. When one of the children opened the window, that beauty was further magnified as a ray of sunlight hit the web and made it even more gorgeous.

Since that time, it is believed that the random act of kindness shown by the spiders is celebrated with spider-decorations put up in the Christmas trees.

Here is another story about a myth involving the burial of the statue of St. Joseph in those properties that do not get sold.