President Donald Trump praises his job performance compared to past presidents

Jaimie-lee Prince
Nov 19, 2018
07:18 P.M.

Donald Trump rated himself an A+ on his presidential performance so far. "Is that enough? Can I go higher than that?" he said.


During an interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace, Trump commented on a number of topics. But when asked how his presidency compares to his predecessors, his sense of modesty was a bit lacking.

Wallace asked:

“Where do you rank yourself in the pantheon of great presidents? There’s Lincoln and Washington. There’s FDR and Reagan. Do you make the top 10?”

Trump's answer was not too surprising in light of his known nature to exaggerate.

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He said:

“I think I’m doing a great job. We have the best economy we’ve ever had. We’re doing really well. We would’ve been in a war with North Korea if, let’s say, that administration continued forward."


Wallace prodded for a more specific, clear-cut answer. "So where do you rank yourself? he asked.

Trump responded:

“I would give myself, I would — look, I hate to do it, but I will do it — I would give myself an A+. Is that enough? Can I go higher than that?”

Some would say he could go higher. A Gallup poll reported that Trump's approval rating stands at 38 percent. 54 percent has been the norm for decades. A poll by Hill.TV, however, gave the approval rating as 47 percent.


Meanwhile, Obama graded himself a B+ and an A- when they asked him a similar question.

An explanation for Trump's exaggerative tendencies might be found in his 1987 memoir "The Art of the Deal." The book, co-written by Tony Schwartz, highlighted a play on people's fantasies to attaining success.

According to an excerpt given by Yahoo, Trump wrote:

“People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.”


Trump, who has already started planning his 2020 big for re-election, is not one to hold back in self-promotion.

He even had an answer for the loss by the Republic party of the House of Representatives. Trump explained that since his name was not on the ballot, it didn't reflect on him.

"I didn't run. My name wasn't on the ballot. I had people that wouldn't vote because I wasn't on the ballot."

He added:

"I won the Senate and that's historic, too. That's a tremendous victory."


But Saturday's visit to Paradise Town, California, the president effectively had a loss when he mistook the name of the town he visited.

As Trump spoke to the media, he called the area "Pleasure" town. "What a name," he said.

Listeners had to correct him twice before he said the right name of the place.


California, which has been burned to the ground in several places, saw 76 people die from wildfires over the past two weeks.

At the start of the devastation, the president blamed authorities for "gross mismanagement of the forests."

While experts came to the fore to explain that mismanagement was not the cause, celebrities also spoke out.

Most agreed that the timing and threats to cut funding were ill-timed, not to mention inaccurate.

As for Trump's A+ self-grading, he'll likely continue with the practice of hyping up himself. But in the long run, it's the people who determine how well of a job they perceive from the administration.

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