Tia Mowry shares throwback photo with mom who bears strong resemblance to her daughter Cairo

Claudine Varela
Nov 25, 2018
09:52 P.M.
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Tia Mowry celebrates the fulfillment of her dreams by sharing a photo with her mother, Darlene Mowry who was instrumental in her journey.


Darlene also happens to bear a striking resemblance to her daughter, Cairo. Tia Mowry is helping others to make their dreams come true.

In a recent post, she reveals she partnered with USAA Life Insurance Company for their “Live Your Dreams” campaign.

She also shares a throwback photo with her mother who paved the way for her dreams to become a reality. 



Tia already knew froma young age that she wanted to be an actress. With her mom's help, Darlene Mowry, she began to carve a path in print and commercial modeling in Texas.

Darlene was working in the army then, along with her husband and Tia’s father, Timothy Mowry. But that didn’t keep her from helping Tia find bookings to cultivate her passion for acting. 

In August, Tia opened up about the lengths her mother went to fulfill her acting dreams in a clip for her web series “Mowry’s Quick Fix.”

“What my mom ended up doing, and a lot of people don’t know this, is during the summer, she had taken me to L.A. and she made a promise to me. She said, ‘If you book something, whether that’s a commercial, whether that’s a television show, a guest spot, then I would move the family to L.A.’ “I was like, ‘Okay, let’s do this!’ ”


Tia eventually did land a commercial and Darlene made good with her promise. She moved their family to Texas which also meant she had to quit the army. Tia explained,

“My mom was in the army and you can’t just quit the army. She had to present her case to the courts.”

Tia is grateful for the sacrifice her mom made so she could fulfill her own dreams. 

“If it weren’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be here. She worked so hard for us.”

The army eventually allowed her mom to leave but Tia’s dad had to stay.  Only one parent was permitted to leave the army. 


Now part of the real world, Darlene had to start paying for their expenses. She moved her family to a small apartment in LA and worked as a security guard to make ends meet.  

It would only be a matter of time before Tia and her twin sister, Tamera Mowry landed major roles in “Sister, Sister.” The rest we now know is history. 



Tia’s mother has been a driving force in the realization of her dreams. This is why the actress chose a throwback photo of her mother as a backdrop for her recent post where she encourages others to live their dreams. 

With the help of USAA Life’s “Live Your Dreams” program, one person gets a chance to make his dreams come true through the campaign’s $50,000 donation.

Tia explains this in her post along with a caption that pays tribute to her own hard work that resulted in her success.

“Pursuing your dreams is hard work! Going from audition to audition when I was younger wasn’t always easy, but that’s what you do for your dreams – you put in the work and hope that eventually it pays off.”


Tia’s black-and-white photo with her mother features them working together. Her mother appears to be assisting her in reading a script.

Darlene is wearing a headset around her neck. Having devoted her time to her daughter's acting career, she also evolved into an executive producer whose credits include "Double Wedding," "The Proof Point," and "Seventeen Again." 



The photo also highlights one interesting aspect - Darlene’ s close resemblance to Tia’s daughter, Cairo.

Tia welcomed her little girl in May as a brother to her older son, Cree. She shares her two children with her husband, Cory Hardrict who cried tears of joy on the day of Cairo’s birth. 



The couple has been relishing every moment with the little girl since she arrived. Tia, a doting mom, would often share photos of her along with the family.  J

ust recently, Cairo posed in a twinning moment with her father on his birthday.


She also melted hearts in another photo with her father where he suspends her on air and kisses her tummy.  

Tia’s life couldn’t be more perfect today with her family and her successful career. Thanks to her mom, she’s living her dream.