Terrifying moment a huge wave hits a hotel, destroying the third floor balcony

Pedro Marrero
Nov 20, 2018
05:03 A.M.

Huge waves caused great damage in Tenerife, Spain, and forced to evacuate part of a building in Mesa del Mar.


Europapress reveals that huge waves crash into the third floor of an apartment block in Mesa del Mar, a popular place for British tourists. In the video published on YouTube can be observed how the waves crash with the building.

In the last few days, fierce storms caused restaurant windows to be smashed, cars swept into the sea and a soccer field destroyed by severe flooding on the tourist island.

The local mayor, Álvaro Dávila, said that 65 apartments, some of which are believed to be holiday homes, were evacuated. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

He also confirmed that no one had been injured in the flooding, which caused 39 people to be ordered to leave two buildings in Garichico, in the northwest of Tenerife.

Meanwhile, the diners were stunned after the waves broke the windows of a hotel restaurant on the south coast of the island.


The incidents occurred after regional government officials issued a severe weather warning as a heavy storm hit northern Tenerife and other parts of the Canary Islands.

Garichico was one of the most affected areas, with waves crashing on the sea wall and flooding the streets, to the local’s surprise. They saw the water running towards them as they ran for safety.


Further south, in the holiday resort of Adeje there were also reports of waves breaking the windows of a hotel restaurant, although again there were no injuries.

The first evacuations were carried out around 10 p.m. Saturday night, November 18, and the next ones were held around 2 am.

It is not known if some Britons were among those who were asked to leave their apartments, although the city is popular with tourists and has two natural pools that are a great attraction for locals and day visitors.


On September, Hurricane Florence was causing big devastation, creating waves 25 meters high. This caused great flooding on the coasts and strong cyclonic waves that were extremely dangerous.

The warnings of these hurricanes and waves were extended in all nearby areas and the population was urged to remain calm and take adequate precautions.

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