8-year-olds were asked 'What is a grandparent?' and their quotes go viral

When a classroom full of 8-year-old children were asked to explain about their idea on grandparents, they came with the most innocently hilarious description.

According to the children, the grandparents are a pair of man and a lady, who do not have ‘little’ children of their own.

The children also wrote that grandparents do not have anything to do, except just being present when the grandchildren come over to meet them.

Grandparents are also people who are old so they should not run or play with too much effort. For the little one, it was ‘good’ if grandparents drove them to shops and even handed them some money.

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They are also people who are easily distracted by things like ‘pretty leaves’ and ‘caterpillars’ and they often slow the children down when they are out on a walk.

Grandparents often teach them about strange things like ‘the color of the flowers’ and why ‘we shouldn’t step on cracks.’ The children also wrote that grandparents never asked them to ‘hurry up’ about anything.

From the children's point-of-view, grandmothers are often ‘fat’ but ‘not too fat to tie your shoes.’ They are also people who ‘wear glasses’ and can take their teeth and gums out.

The children further elaborated that the grandparents do not require to be smart, but they can answer some really difficult questions including ‘Why isn’t God married?’ and ‘How come dogs chase cats?’

Grandparents also don’t mind when children keep asking them to repeat the same story over and over.

The children also wrote that everyone should try to have a grandmother, ‘especially if you don’t have a television,’ because they are the only grown ups who like spending time with children.

Finally, the children in the classroom concluded, ‘Its funny when they bend over; you hear gas leaks, and they blame the dog.’

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As one of the most innocent beings, children are often found to be involved in the most hilarious and surprisingly unique antics, which often goes viral on the internet.

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