How to make a natural oven cleaner that is probably better than some name-brand ones

Nov 20, 2018
05:14 A.M.
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Here is how one can make their own cleaner using the supplies that are readily available during everyday household.


Rather than straining one’s budget, it is far better to create these cleaners by just spending a small portion of the original cost. By following simple natural approach one can create their own cleaners.

It is a whole lot easier than one might think because most of the ingredients required to prepare this are available in the kitchen. They can be simply mixed together and poured into spray bottles, which are also easily available at any dollar store.

Amanda MacDonald took to Facebook to share the key ingredients required to prepare this cleaner, which she explained she found on Pinterest.


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The homemade mixture did such an amazing job for her that she vowed on Facebook to never buy another over cleaner again.

‘Tried the Pinterest homemade oven cleaner, and I'm sold on it. Will never buy another oven cleaner again. Worked amazing, sprayed it on and let it sit. Hardly any effort at all to wipe it out,’ she wrote on Facebook before giving away the key ingredients.


Even the tougher jobs such as cleaning the baked-on food hiding inside the oven can be done by these homemade cleaners.

To prepare such cleaner, one requires the following ingredients:

1\4 cup dish soap

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 cup vinegar

1 1/4 cup water


After mixing these components together properly, they can be poured into a spray bottle and applied to the inside of the oven. Let the spray coat the messy are for a while before wiping it clean.

Meanwhile, Shared also wrote about another powerful homemade mixture that can be used as a window cleaner.


All that is required to prepare the mixture are white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. Rather than spend a lot of money on other branded cleaners, one can get the bathroom clean in a cost-effective manner without using any toxic chemicals as well.

People have always come up with their own unique way of getting everyday chores done that requires minimum effort and saves a lot of costs. Here’s another way of getting the oven clean by simply using the baking soda.

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