White woman who harassed two black sisters gets fired and is allegedly about to lose her apartment

Susan Westwood, the 51-year-old lady who was captured on video attacking Leisa and Mary Garris with racist slurs, turned herself to the police, was arrested, and could be removed from her apartment.

In mid-October, several clips (that contains strong language) showing Susan being disrespectful to the Garris sisters became viral. The incident took place on October 19 when Leisa and Mary were waiting for AAA to jump start their vehicle in the neighborhood they live.

All of a sudden, Susan approached them clearly drunk asking them why they were “hanging out” at the apartment complex, saying how much she paid for rent, and repeating several times that she was white and hot.


If that wasn’t bad enough, Susan called the police “to make sure there’s nothing going on here.” The harassed sisters kept asking the lady to leave them alone, but she wouldn’t do it. Susan even threatened them with pulling out her gun.


Charter Communications, the company Susan used to work at, released a statement after the incident setting clear that Susan was no longer a member of their team.


NBC News reported that Susan turned herself into the Sunset Beach Police Department in early-November. After being transferred to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department, she was served with a misdemeanor warrant for misuse of the 9-1-1 system and four additional criminal summonses.

Source: Facebook/Chele Garris

Source: Facebook/Chele Garris


Soon after getting arrested, Susan was released on bond. Even though the arrest warrant was issued on October 30, the police couldn’t find Susan before, so the fact that she turned herself in was very helpful. Days later, it was reported that Susan was in the process of being removed from her apartment.


Something similar took place in St. Louis when D’Arreion Toles, filmed the incident he had with his neighbor Hilary Thornton, who physically blocked him from entering the building.

In the videos Toles uploaded to Facebook, Thornton appeared standing in the entrance of the building with her dog demanding for Toles’ name and “unit” where he lived in. Thornton set clear that she wouldn’t move until she verified that Toles lived there.


After refusing to provide personal information claiming that she was not a member of the security personnel or the owner of the building, Toles pushed his way in. While most people would have given up, Thornton followed Toles until he got into the apartment.

Even there, the lady stood in front of it in disbelief. A couple of minutes later, the police showed up at the place as Thornton called them to report him.


The police didn’t fill a report as there was no crime committed. Tribeca Luxury Apartments, the company where Thornton worked, released a statement soon after the video became viral. They pointed out that even though Thornton was an employee of their company, that incident had not taken place in one of their apartments.

“After a review of the matter, the employee has been terminated and is no longer with our company. At Tribeca-STL we want all residents, guests, and visitors to feel welcome, safe and respected,” read the statement.


Finally, Toles urged all people who showed him support that let Thornton live her life at peace and not going after her. He added that he wouldn’t take legal actions as he was not mad at her.

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