Girl laughed when teacher wrote a wrong answer on the board

Nov 21, 2018
08:01 P.M.
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A teacher gives a valuable life lesson to his students by committing a simple mistake by himself. The students might have laughed at him, but they will never forget the lesson.


Once there was a school teacher, who was teaching multiplication to his students. To give them more clarity on the subject, he wrote the multiplication table of the number “nine” on the board.

He wrote the multiplication in the following manner:













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Quite obviously, he wrote the first equation of the multiplication table wrong. Although he was right every other time, he found the students behind him to be laughing.

He asked about it to one of the girls, who sat at the first row and was laughing the hardest, “What is it? Why are you laughing?”


Unable to stop her laughter, she answered hysterically, “Teacher, you’ve got the first equation completely wrong. How can ‘nine times one’ ever be seven?”

When the teacher heard this, he wasn’t angry at the girl. He calmly smiled at her and said, “Yes, you are right.”

He then turned his attention to the entire class. “You are all right to laugh. But herein lies a great lesson.”


The class went silent as soon as he said this. “I wrote that first equation wrong on purpose because I wanted you to learn something absolutely important,” he continued, “a crucial lesson you will always need in life.”

He then added, “I wrote the equation wrong because I wanted you to know how the world out there will treat you.”

The teacher further explained that he had done the remaining equations correctly but not one student appreciated those that were right. They only noticed what went wrong and mocked it.


“The world will never appreciate the good you do a million times, but will criticize the one wrong thing you do,” he stressed.

Finally, the teacher encouraged his students to not be disappointed because of this. Rather, he encouraged them to rise above all the ridicule and criticism and work on what they want to do.

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