Obama appears to suggest Donald Trump has ‘mommy issues’ sparking a controversial debate online

Rodolfo Vieira
Nov 21, 2018
04:33 P.M.
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Barack Obama recently claimed that the United States is not evolving because of 'hate, anger, racism and mommy issues.'


On Monday, November 19, 2018, the former American President attended the Obama Foundation Summit where he delivered a speech regarding the state of the world.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Obama may have suggested that Donald Trump suffers from all the conditions previously mentioned and that that is holding the country back.

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Although Obama didn't address Trump by name, he hinted that the people in charge of the country suffer from 'mommy issues' and that their egos are getting in the way of evolution.

During the summit, which was held at the Mariott Marquis Hotel in Chicago, the former President claimed that the world 'badly needs remaking.'

"The world could be a much better place if it weren't for the people involved."



Obama also argued that issues such as climate change, agriculture and education are not as hard to solve as one might think and that the reason why they are not being fixed is the cloud of 'anger, racism and mommy issues' hovering over America.

It has been reported that Trump has credited his mother, Mary MacLeod Trump, who passed away back in 2000, for who he is and for much of what he has done.



With this in mind, one could assume that Obama was referring to the U.S. President, although he refrained from mentioning any names, preferring to focus on how the world could be a much better place if it weren't for the people involved.

According to Obama, the 'absence of technological solutions' are not the problem, but the lack of support offered to the next generation, whom he considers being more tolerant, idealistic, creative and, overall, 'ahead of the curve.'



Obama has always been a fierce believer when it comes to the importance of education, which is why he is seen as a role model and an influencer by many people. A few months ago, his fans were graced with some rare footage of the night he won the Presidential Elections.

In the short video released by the Obama Foundation, the former President can be seen talking about the emotional moment, which he shared with his mother-in-law, Marian Shields Robinson.

They were sitting next to each other on a couch when it was announced that Obama had just won, and when he asked Robinson how she felt, she could only say that it was a very 'overwhelming' moment.