Terrified leopard cub tied with string so kids can play with him

Pedro Marrero
Nov 23, 2018
01:57 A.M.
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The poor feline, just two months old, was rescued by the forest department of India and the outraged community created a request for those responsible for the mistreatment of the cub to be duly punished.


As reported by Daily Mail, a leopard cub, two months old, was tied with a rope in the legs and head by the neighbors of a village in Maharashtra, India, for children and adults to play and take pictures with him.

In a video published on Youtube, you can see the baby lying on the ground, motionless and unconscious, because a short time before they had taken it out of its natural habitat, in a nearby forest.

Inhabitants of the Sindhuburg district had bought it so that the children could play and touch it. However, the treatment the community gave to the little animal was not the most appropriate. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.


In the filming was recorded a man who slaps the baby leopard to make it wake up. The cub, when it wakes up, roars visibly frightened and disoriented, but that does not stop its audience that burst out laughing after its reaction.


Then, one of the neighbors takes it by the neck and raises it in the air, while the feline remains petrified without making any movement. That scene is repeated once again and it is at that moment when the community takes the opportunity to take pictures with the cub and play with it.


The YouTube video shows that the little leopard is so terrified that he barely manages to roar slightly as he watches his captors, who do not empathize with the animal's fear and observe him from a circle of people that has formed around him.

The images have already become viral in social media and users have detested the situation in which the leopard was involved. Thanks to the viralization of the video, the Department of Forests of India took action on the matter and rescued the animal.

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"We have intervened to provide the breeding with a safe place and soon we will reintroduce it to its habitat, after carrying out the pertinent veterinary check-up," said Subhash Muranik, head of the forestry area.


However, it was not confirmed if they apprehended the man who took him to the village from the jungle. As a result, the indignant community created a petition for those responsible for harassment of the cub to be duly punished.

This story reminds us of a woman named Brittany who received backlash when a photo of her posing with a dead leopard she killed herself became viral on Instagram.

Several celebrities slammed the woman for killing the animal. They urged their fans to condemn big-game hunting and to give the woman the shame she deserved for killing an innocent animal.