Outrage after pitbull kills 6-day-old baby after climbing in her crib when she was left alone

Despite the baby’s grandfather attempts to save her by performing CPR, the poor angel died minutes after the attack.

When you have babies and dogs at home at the same time, it is essential to be very careful in order to avoid any moment that the pet or the infant can end up being harmed.

In Citrus County, Florida, a 6-day-old girl named Cecileigh Danielle Garris died after the family pit bull climbed into her crib and bit her, as reported the Daily Mail.

Lindsay Blair, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, said that although authorities have not yet determined the cause of death, Animal Control officers removed the dog from the house and euthanized him after the incident.


According to the police reports published by Fox News, Cecileigh's grandfather was in a nearby room when the tragic accident occurred. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

"He entered the bedroom and recognized the trauma to the infant, at which time he retrieved the infant from the bassinet, placed the infant on the floor and started CPR," the official report said.

The grandfather was still performing CPR to the baby when medical officials arrived with the first aid services; the newborn was found alive and with response in the arms and legs.

Then, Cecileigh was airlifted to Bayfront Health Seven Rivers Medical Center, where 90 minutes after the incident, she was pronounced dead by the medical team, Daily Mail reported.


Despite the regrettable situation, studies used by PETA reference show that pit bulls are the most abused dog breed because they have been labeled as violent. People just have to see the environment in which these episodes of aggression had occurred.

Not all pit bulls are aggressive, in fact, they are a breed that’s been known through history as a nanny dog, meaning they are especially good with children. However, they are still animals and supervision is always required.

If you still have doubts about pit bulls being good dogs; in California, a pit bull became a hero when he took a baby by the diaper, warned his owner of the imminent danger and then rescue them from a fire that may have ended their lives.

Although no one was hurt in the incident thank to the heroic actions of their dog, their home was deemed unlivable when the firefighters arrived at the scene. The owner was extremely thankful for her dog, saying that it meant everything to her that he saved her life.

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