Brandy shares heartwarming video playing with niece Melody on her 'happiest Thanksgiving ever'

Brandy Norwood, the singer best known as Brandy, took to Instagram to share a video of her holding and playing with Ray J and Princess Love’s daughter, Melody.

In the clip, the woman appeared wearing a white and pink shirt while the baby got a white outfit on. Brandy held Melody up and then dropped her arms to her chest while singing to the baby, who couldn’t stop laughing.

After doing so and dancing once again, the video ended. For the caption, Brandy revealed that it was one of the happiest Thanksgivings ever and that she loved being with her parents, daughter, best friend, Ray J, Princess Love, and Melody.


As soon as she uploaded that video, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them admitted that the clip melted their heart and that Melody’s laugh was adorable. Others said that Brandy was the best aunt a person could have.


While everything seems fine, the relationship Brandy and Princess Love have nowadays is way better than it was earlier this year. In March, Ray J and his wife threw a baby shower and invited Brandy to it. Unfortunately, the singer didn’t attend because of a show.


Soon after that, Brandy shared a post congratulating her “brother and sister” and saying that she loved both Princess Love and Ray J. Melody’s mother didn’t like that “fake” post, and she took to the comment section to ask Brandy to “shut up” and threatened her saying that she should post what the singer "just texted" her.


According to Rolling Out, Brandy and her mother, Sonja, argued with Princess Love and Ray J just before the baby shower took place, which was probably the real reason they didn’t attend the celebration. Brandy deleted that post already.


Melody was born on May 23, 2018, but although she is only six months old, a video that Princess Love uploaded to Instagram set clear that the baby can identify colors already.

In the short clip, Melody appeared in front of a toy with some colors on it. The proud mother asked her to point at the blue one, and she slowly touched the panel in blue.

After that, Princess Love asked for the green, and the baby touched it, too. Everything suggests that Melody is growing up to be a brilliant and attentive girl.

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