Barbra Streisand, 76, opened up about her need to write an album of protest songs

Junie Sihlangu
Nov 26, 2018
10:54 A.M.
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Famous singer Barbra Streisand is currently promoting her new album called “Walls.” The album is an anti-President Donald Trump protest.


Her latest offering has love songs that can also be interpreted as protest songs. It also features a song called “Walls” which is about the physical and emotional walls that keep you in as well as out.

Barbra Streisand’s latest album has a lot of anger in it. The musician explained:

“Oh yes, I believe in truth and that if I’m truthful in what I’m singing about that comes across as being passionately upset with what is happening to my country.”


For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The artist further explained why she’d chosen to pen the protest album.


She explained:

“I love my country and it’s painful to see democracy being assaulted, institutions being assaulted and women being assaulted. We digress to the topic of women’s abortion rights and the possibility that they could come under threat following the appointment of Trump-nominated judge Brett Kavanaugh – a Catholic – to the Supreme Court.”


Streisand added that there were people in the US who wanted to live in the future and those who wished to keep living in the past. She further explained:

“Imagine, women who for 40-something years have had the right to choose now perhaps won’t.”


The singer continued to share her thoughts on the women who had voted for President Donald Trump:

“Obviously, some women cast their ballots for Trump in the presidential election, but why would they vote for a man who doesn’t let them control their own bodies? ‘It’s a terribly complex thing.’”


Controversially, the singer speculated:

“A lot of women vote the way their husbands vote; they don’t believe enough in their own thoughts. Maybe that woman who’s so articulate, so experienced and so fit for the presidency [Hillary] was too intimidating.”


She shared that perhaps, Hillary Clinton had “made women feel unsuccessful.” The star shared how the whole thing has been “so devastating to me and I was heartbroken.”

Streisand revealed “so I wanted to write about it, sing about it and deliver an album. It was perfect timing, so I just did it.”

The musician recently went back home with her three dogs. She was one of the people who was affected by the California fires this month.