Barbra Streisand sparks controversy after cloning her dead pet

Fans were astounded to learn Barbra Streisand had her dead pet cloned twice.

Barbra Streisand shocked her fans when she admitted that two of her dogs are clones, reported ABC 7

Streisand, who mourned the passing of her late dog Samantha deeply, revealed that she had had cells harvested from her mouth and stomach when she died in 2017.

The cells were used to clone Samantha and two puppies were the result. 


Streisand called the clones Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet, and the duplicates of her late pet cost her $50,000 each.

The megastar said that she had had the puppies cloned to help her cope with her loss at Samantha's death. Her dog had been with her 14 years, and Streisand misses her desperately.


Streisand, 76, has said that though the two pups are genetic copies of Samantha, they are not Sammie. They have different personalities, and the star believes, different souls.


Streisand said that it comforted her to see their resemblance to Samantha, but that their personalities are very different. One is shy, like Samantha, while the other is boisterous and bouncy, with what the star calls "a monkey gene."


PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals  - an organization that focuses on animal rights, have criticized the star for her decision to clone her pet.

Many of Streisand's fans consider her actions "weird," while others think she could have given rescue dogs a home, rather than "play God."

Barbra Streisand has said that she has no regrets: "I have two delicious babies," she declared, and from the photos she has posted on social media, the two puppies are cute as buttons.

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It looks as if the remake of "A Star Is Born" Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is set to be the movie of the year.

For once movie fans and critics are in agreement and raving about the film. There are even indications that the film will be a strong contender at the Oscars.

But what does Barbra Streisand think of it? Back in 1976, Streisand starred in a version of "A Star Is Born" opposite Kris Kristofferson, and fans of the new movie are eager to hear her opinion of the new film and Lady Gaga's performance.

Streisand admitted that she hadn't seen the whole movie yet, but loved what she has seen so far of the trailers and the music videos.

"I haven't seen it completed. Bradley [Cooper] did show me the opening. I was surprised by how similar it was to my version. I loved how he used the drag bar. I thought that was new and interesting. What I've seen of the film I really liked."

Streisand won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 1977 Oscars for "A Star Is Born" and it remains to be seen if Lady Gaga will repeat her coup.

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