Jon and Kate Gosselin set a date for meeting in court over fighting for custody of their son

Jon and Kate Gosselin are known as the reality stars of TLC’s “Jon & Kate plus 8,” but they are now moving the drama to the courtroom.

The divorced couple is going to court to battle for custody of their 14-year-old son Collin. Currently, they share custody of their 8 children. The legal proceedings were started by Jon who wishes to have sole custody over Colin. If this is successful, Colin will join his sister Hannah who is currently living permanently with her father.

Who are the Gosselins?

Colin is one of eight children because his parents had twins and then sextuplets. Colin is one of the sextuplets along with his sister Hannah. The sextuplets also include Leah, Alexis, Joel, and Aaden. At 18 years old the two oldest children are twins Mady and Cara.

Colin can only see his family on weekends, as in the week he has been living in an inpatient facility due for the last 3 years due to his special needs. Once Collin has completed this treatment, his father believes he should come live with him. Colin and Hannah spent Thanksgiving at their father’s house. This is an example of many holidays to come if Jon is successful in court.

Why do they want custody over Colin?

A big part of the reason Jon believes that Colin should move in with him is that Kate and her son did not get along well. Jon describes Colin as clever and a child who questions. According to him, Kate did not appreciate these qualities in her son. However, she does respect his privacy and often fights for it by not telling reporters exactly what his special needs are or why he is receiving treatment. She also made sure that Jon does not know the name or location of the facility where Colin is housed.

Kate has expressed that she will fight tooth and nail to gain sole custody over her son Collin. Jon, on the other hand, is very confident that he will be successful and plans on getting Colin out of the inpatient treatment facility and into his home before Christmas so that they can celebrate the holidays together. Collin would like this as he does not enjoy attending the private school that Kate put him in and would rather go to the same school as his sister Hannah.

Weekends with Dad

Collin is often seen on Jon’s Instagram in pictures from his weekend visits. These photographs often include his sister Hannah because she also lives with Jon. Recently Jon shared a picture of the two siblings and himself on his Instagram account. This is the first time there has been a picture of Colin on Jon’s Instagram since May. If Jon is successful in court then these photographs are bound to be more regular.

More weekend fun was had recently when Colin visited his father and Jon took Hannah, Colin, his girlfriend (Colleen Conrad), and her two daughters to a Christmas tree farm to choose their own tree for the upcoming holidays. This outing took place a mere few weeks after Jon filed for Colin’s custody.

Jon believes that he has his son’s best interests at heart by trying to get full custody of him. Colin’s father has been having regular contact with the staff who work at the facility where Colin is being treated and has heard from many of them that Colin is making strides in his progress there.

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