4-year-old girl tragically killed after falling under a float at a Christmas parade

It would have been a happy event, but the annual Christmas parade had a disheartening twist after a four-year-old girl passed away when she fell underneath a float.

MaCali Cormier, as revealed by Nova Scotia RCMP Cpl. Dal Hutchinson to CBC News, was not on the float during the incident. She was reportedly running along beside the moving float when she accidentally fell underneath it.

According to a statement given by the Halifax District Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to People, police officers arrived at the scene at 6:58 p.m. Paramedics brought the child to Yarmouth Regional Hospital, but she eventually died later on.

An investigation is still underway with the RCMP interviewing witnesses. Also, they have confiscated the vehicle and the float to have a mechanical inspection.

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“This was a very traumatic event that was witnessed by so many people, including children, who were present to enjoy a family event,” the statement said.

The news reached Prime Justin Trudeau, and he took to Twitter to offer his condolences to the family and the entire community.

He wrote, “As a parent, words fail at times like this. Our thoughts are with the family of the young victim, and with everyone affected.”

The Yarmouth Christmas Parade of Lights also released a statement via Facebook following the tragic incident.

“We, along with the community, mourn the familys’ [sic] loss and are praying for everyone affected. The focus is on coming together as a community and helping this family through a very difficult time.”

As for the family, they noted in MaCali’s obituary that she will always be the little girl “who loved helping other people.”

Her grandfather, Roland Hannem, spoke with the Vanguard and said, “We are overwhelmed with the support and outreach of the community. The thoughts and prayers do bring comfort to help us through this tragedy. We all appreciate the love and care shown to us.”

Meanwhile, other communities in Nova Scotia have been double-checking safety measures for parades to prevent another tragic accident from happening again.

In another story, surveillance footage showed how an eight-month-old baby girl struggled to break free after she was covered with a blanket by a daycare worker.

The baby passed away, and the 24-year-old daycare staff named Leah Walden admitted to the crime.

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