'Rehab Addicted' Nicole Curtis claims her son was 'ripped' out of her arms on Thanksgiving

Nicole Curtis was devastated after her son was taken from her on Thanksgiving due to a custody agreement.

The 41-year-old “Rehab Addict” star opened up to PEOPLE about her painful experience being separated from her three-year-old son, Harper, during the holidays.

“The holidays are a nightmare because I would have all of us together — friends, family, enemies alike,” she said, referring to her ex and Harper’s father, Shane Maguire. “Thanksgiving was not my parenting time; therefore, I could not be with Harper.”

Curtis recently faced backlash for breastfeeding her nearly three-year-old son, but she quickly defended herself.

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It took years of legal battle before Curtis and Maguire reached a custody agreement.


“Even on the worst day, my ex is encouraged and welcomed in our home,” the HGTV star continued. "We recently all went trick-or-treating together, even thought it was ‘my parenting time.’ I always hope that the same courtesy will be extended, but it is not. I am not permitted to be with Harper during his time with his dad.”

Curtis said it has been a struggle for her to be separated from Harper for extended periods because of the strict custody agreement.

She recently shared a black-and-white photo of herself with Harper and her older son, Ethan, on Instagram, with the caption: “I’ve been asked what my Thanksgiving plans are and receive horrified looks when I say, ‘Nothing'.”

Harper getting sick before Thanksgiving also added to the renovation star’s holiday stress.

“He was sick the day before and I refused to transfer him when he was vomiting. His dad demanded that he be delivered as scheduled,” she recalled. “It’s one thing to be called a negligent parent, but I will not be one.”


Curtis recently faced backlash for breastfeeding her nearly three-year-old son, but she quickly defended herself.

She took to Instagram on April 2, 2018, to address online haters criticizing her decision to still breastfeed her son.

Her critics implied that breastfeeding her nearly three-year-old son, Harper, during her ongoing and messy custody battle with the child's father, could be alienating.

She responded with an Instagram post: “I'm posting this and I'm saying, mamas out there in similar situations, DON'T HIDE. It is one hundred percent natural to still nurse your child, your body was made for it.”

She continued: “Note, no supportive, excited father and that's okay, but any woman who goes through this moment alone and then gets accused of "alienating." May the Dear Lord grant you grace and patience.’'

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