Unexpected facts about 'The King' Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was a huge rock-star, loved by most and hated by many. Nevertheless, there were still a few facts about him that a lot of people didn't know.

The legend that would become Elvis was born on January 8, 1935, and he was brought to this world rise straight to the top. Once he became famous, his life was a non-stop of thrill, with plenty of highs, and some deep lows.

Elvis was well known for his beautiful dark locks on top of his head. But this was a ruse. Elvis was actually born with sheer blonde hair! He confessed he sometimes even dyed his hair with black shoe polish.

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Another shocking factor is that Elvis had a twin brother. Tragically, his brother was stillborn.

Once Elvis was told this truth, he never quite recovered from the guilt he felt that his mother had lost a son, believing that he might have killed his brother while still inside the womb.

His mother claims Elvis never managed to live a happy life because he was always trying to compensate for the fact that his brother had died.

His family claimed he suffered from "twinless twin syndrome," where the person feels the extreme need to prove themselves unique - even though they don't have a twin - and on the other hand try and find a way to get in touch with their lost brother or sister.

The guitar that led him to fame wasn't really what he had wanted. On his 11th birthday, Elvis had told his parents he wanted a bicycle, but his parents couldn't afford one. They refused to buy him the rifle he asked for and instead convinced him to get a guitar.

At first, he wasn't excited at all about the guitar, but as time went by, he started playing more and more, and he eventually recorded his first songs with that very same guitar at Sun Records.

Elvis' passion for guns was one that never went away. It is said that by the time he died, he had a collection of about 40 weapons. It is also believed that he always carried at least two on him, anywhere he went.

He even started taking them on stage after he got a death threat. Although he was popular among the ladies, he was extremely insecure.

The King had a huge fear of disappointing women during sex or not being good enough. For this reason, he dated underage girls because they were still pure, and would be unable to compare him to anything else. 

Because of the success he had with women, Elvis was also often threatened by teenage boys who felt he was encroaching on their territory by stealing their girlfriends.

While most people go with a dog or a cat when they decide to get a pet, many celebrities opt for more exotic pets to live with. Melanie Griffiths had a pet lion. Mike Tyson had a pet tiger.

Sticking with this exotic animal trend, Elvis had a pet chimpanzee by the name of Scatter.

Elvis was also incredibly kind. On one occasion, he met all the band members of Led Zeppelin who were huge fans of his.

John Paul Jones was so star struck by Elvis that the only thing he could do at a time was compliment Elvis' $5,000 watch. Without thinking twice, Elvis traded his gold and diamond watch for John's Mickey Mouse watch.

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