Police officer gives Thanksgiving meal to homeless mother caught stealing to feed her children

A police officer responding to a shoplifting call showed what he is made of after having the most humane gesture toward a homeless woman and her hungry children on Thanksgiving Day.

It happened in the city of Yale, Oklahoma, with Police Chief Phillip Kelly showing up at the Dollar General location on West Chicago Avenue around 10:30 a.m. on November 20 after a shoplifting incident was reported.

According to News9 Kelly watched the store’s surveillance video and identified the woman who tried to steal from them. She admitted her fault and returned the merchandise she had taken and was escorted out of there.

The store manager chose not to press any charges against the woman, but he suggested the law enforcer give her a trespass warning. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa


“I found the woman and as I was talking to her, I told her you can't go back in there. She started crying and that made me tear up,” Kelly recalled.

The officer could notice that the woman was desperate and not a thief by choice, and he became curious about her situation, learning that she was living in her car and had nothing to feed her children with.

There is no better way to thank for one’s good fortune than giving back to the community.

“After I gave her the trespass warning, I thought to myself the only right thing to do is feed her. That is the only human thing to do.”

-Officer Phillip Kelly, News9, November 20, 2018.


As it happens, Kelly was in the middle of an honorable assignment when he was called about the incident with the woman, and he had exactly what she needed on that day.

Kelly had been designated to deliver Thanksgiving dinners to families in need as part of the Yale Police Department’s program known as the “Thanksgiving Donation Drive.”

So after having a talk with the troubled mother, Kelly went back to his patrol car and returned with a Thanksgiving meal for the family, who couldn’t hide her gratitude and was overcome by emotion.

“She just couldn't stop crying and then it made me cry. I’m supposed to be a tough cop and all, but it just gets you,” Kelly admitted.


This initiative from the Yale Police Department is mainly funded by private and corporate donations, although Kelly himself uses some of his own money to extend the number of families in the community who benefit from the program.

Apart from providing food for 40 to 50 local families in Thanksgiving, the police department also collects toys to give to underprivileged children for Christmas.  

“There is always somebody that needs help that is less fortunate than you. By gosh, we are going to help them,” promised Kelly. 


When Mesa Police Officer Kent Green gave a pair of his own shoes to a homeless man while out on patrol, he never imagined that his exemplary act was going to go viral.

As Fox reported, an onlooker who noticed what was happening quietly took his phone and took pictures of the exchange, later posting them to social media, where the news spread.

After the news of this inspiring deed became known, it surfaced that this is far from the first time when Green handles shoes to homeless people.

It turns out that he keeps dozens of sneakers ay work and always carry a pair of his old running shoes in the back of his patrol car in case he runs into somebody in need.


There is no better way to thank for one’s good fortune than giving back to the community.

While it is very touching to see police officers getting organized and using their platform to help others, it is very humbling to see someone who held such a great position of power as a former US president roll up his sleeves to show how much he cares.

Barack Obama himself joined the several volunteers at the Greater Chicago Food Depository to give them a hand as they distributed food for the holiday, after the politician made his donation to the charity.

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