Girl bullied for oversized breasts proved her haters wrong by becoming an international model

Throughout her whole adolescence she was the victim of ridicule by her classmates, but now with her triumph, she demonstrates that everything is a matter of taste and respect.

This woman was harassed at school because of her huge breasts to the point where her parents took her out of school and she had a breast reduction.

However, after a photo session in 2014 that made her feel sexy, she became so comfortable in front of a camera that everyone would see her as a model of plus size lingerie model.

The model and photographer, 32-year-old Lexy Lu from Cambridge, UK, was ridiculed for her curves while at school, which led her to be removed from high school and educated at home. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Even when she was in college and the bullying had stopped, Lexy still felt conscious of her figure and often humiliated herself in comparison to her thinner friends, which later led Lexy to undergo a breast reduction. She turned from size 38K to 36G.

However, when Lexy received a makeover in 2014 as a gift, she was amazed at how much fun it was for her. The make-up session opened up Lexy's passion for modeling and embracing her most complete figure.

Now, Lexy does regular modeling sessions, often with corsets to accentuate her curves, making her feel more confident.

Lexy has 40 corsets, with a size of 26 inches to 22 inches, as she admits that some people stare at her for wearing a corset openly in public, but hopes to end the judgment and stigma that comes with having curves.

She started modeling in 2014 after they made her a makeover as a gift. "Usually, I refused to take a picture, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the session and the fact that I liked the final images."

"The photographer asked me if I had any social media account to tag and everything started from there (...) Modeling takes away a side of me that I did not know I had. I feel confident and daring once the shooting starts, although I'm always nervous beforehand."

Lexy hopes to break the stigma of being big and encourage more women to find her sexier side, as she did. Just like Lizzy Howell did, this pretty girl has faced negative comments about her overweight and her passion for ballet but none of that has been able to stop her.

Lizzy is a young woman who has been practicing ballet for some time and has published some moments of her essays on her Instagram account.

But it was a video that she published dancing, turning on the tip of her feet and making a few turns called professionally fouetté, the one that catapulted her to fame.

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