Dog waiting to be adopted for 1,456 days went viral last year with her 'Please adopt me' photo

The Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills shared a photo on Facebook showing a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Ginger, with a sign hanging on her neck asking people to adopt her.

In the image, the dog appeared sitting and looking directly at the camera with the sign that read, “I have been in the shelter for 1,456 days. Please adopt me.” The message written in the caption was heartbreaking, too.

Ginger was a stray dog that was taken to the shelter in 2014 and had been waiting for someone to take her home for a long time. “Ginger would like to be the only princess,” read the caption.

Due to the popularity of the post, it took only five days for the applications box to reached its top. As ABC 7 Chicago reported, potential adopters need to fill out an application and have their references checked before taken a dog home. 

One of the main reasons why Ginger had such a hard time finding a place to stay was that she had resource guardian issues, which means that she could get protective over her food bowl, toys, or some other items.

In the comment section, Kelsey Cronin wrote a lengthy message pointing out that the dog’s real name was Sammy and that she belonged to her brother and father. After her brother joined the army and was sent to California and her father had to move to Hawaii, they gave Sammy to a couple.

They were supposed to train her as an emotional therapy dog, but that apparently never happened. Kelsey was trying to take Sammy back, but since she had a cat and another dog in her house already, the shelter considered she was not the perfect match.

Unfortunately, Ginger (or Sammy) was not the only dog who spent a long time waiting to get adopted. The Humane Society in Santa Barbara shared the photo of Dahlia, another Staffordshire Terrier, who had spent 2,531 days in the shelter.

After sharing a touching video on Facebook, a man from Orange County adopted her and, after seven long years, the dog found a loving home and family to stay.

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