Remember 11-year-old rapper That Girl Lay Lay who went viral? She just bagged an endorsement deal

Alaya High, also known by her artistic name That Girl Lay Lay, became an internet sensation when she uploaded a video singing about her favorite jewelry brand ALEX AND ANI.

Less than a month later, the company made Alaya, who is eleven years old, a brand ambassador and the face of their new marketing deal. Their campaign, titled “What’s Your Current State,” asks people to share the places and moments that make them feel “connected, powerful, and most ourselves.”

As BET reported, the campaign was a “huge success” as ALEX AND ANI got so much traffic on Cyber Monday that its website crashed.

Due to the website issue, the company decided to extend their Cyber Monday sale one day. Apart from that, they will keep offering special offers and deals throughout the entire season.

“We are thrilled by the success and reach of our #WhatsYourCurrentState campaign and value creating such an intimate connection with our customers. In sharing their Current State, our followers used their own voice and talents to spread positivity in the most authentic way," said Dani Marks, the company’s Head of Marketing and E-commerce.

While Alaya Lay Lay got a lot of recognition with the ALEX AND ANI campaign, it was not the first time that she surprised the Internet. In May 2018, the girl posted a freestyle rapping over Blocboy JB’s hit song “Shoot.”

Her performance was so good that even Moneybagg Yo reposted the video. As Okay Player revealed, Alaya signed a deal with Empire Records, so people are very likely to listen to her more often.

Ever since Alaya became an Instagram star, she has appeared in shows such as “Ellen” and “The Frank Ski Morning Show,” Apart from that, Alaya was invited to 2018’s BET Hip-Hop Awards, wherein she probably met some of her role models.

Lay Lay has released her first album already. It is called "Cheat Code," and it represented the first step towards a much more successful hip-hop career for the young girl.

Alaya has been hailed as the youngest rapper in history to sign a major record deal with Empire Records, so her future seems very bright from this point on.

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