Outrage as video shows teachers forcefully opening toilet door on transgender teenager

A transgender teenager shared a video wherein the teachers at the Osseo Senior High School in Minnesota “violated” him by opening the bathroom stall she was in.

In the video, the teen, whose name has not been revealed, appeared sitting in the toilet while some people tried to open the stall door from the outside. Once the teachers force-opened the door, a woman with a crowbar appeared on her knees in front of the student.

The teen confessed that she felt violated and scared, calling the teachers “perverts.” The woman with the crowbar could be heard saying that the student was “barricading” herself, to what the transgender teen said that she would post that video.

As soon as that video went viral, several people shared their thoughts. Some of them supported the student, saying that if she considered herself a woman, she should be allowed to use the girl’s bathroom. Others blamed the way school officials handled the situation.


According to Yahoo, a girl identified herself as the victim’s sister and wrote a lengthy message on Facebook.

In the post, she set clear that Osseo Senior High School officials didn’t like doing things the way the clip showed and that they gave the transgender teen her time to use the bathroom and get out.

Later, the victim’s alleged sister added that the teen knew she was not able to use the women’s bathroom, but that he likes going it anyway. The reason she isn’t allowed in that restroom is that some female students don’t feel comfortable with it, which is why the school even made a bathroom just for her.

After setting that clear, the teen’s sister said, “but that doesn’t give the school a right to invade my brother’s privacy like that while in the stall SITTING ON THE TOILET!”

Source: Twitter/Kenidra4Humanity

Source: Twitter/Kenidra4Humanity

As Yahoo reported, the school has been supporting most of the transgender’s decisions as they allow her wearing makeup and wigs.

Source: Twitter/Kenidra4Humanity

Source: Twitter/Kenidra4Humanity


Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a school faced backlash over a decision with a transgender student. Drew, a junior student at Allen D. Nease High School at the time, was pulled out of a classroom to be advised he should use the gender-neutral bathroom and not the boys one.

However, his mother filed a lawsuit against the school alleging that the distinction was a violation of Equal Protection laws and Title IX. When the legal battle ended, Judge Timothy Corrigan ruled in favor of Drew.

“Drew Adams must be permitted to use any of the boys bathrooms at Nease High School that are available to any other male student except within locker room and shower facilities, so long as Adams is a student enrolled at Nease High School," read the judgment.

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