Prince George asked Santa for just one gift, and his wish came true for Christmas

Ksenia Novikova
Nov 30, 2018
09:07 P.M.

Prince William seized the opportunity on a trip to Finland to personally deliver a letter to Santa Claus. In this letter, his son George asked for a very special Christmas gift.


In November 2017, the Duke of Cambridge was visiting the Christmas markets in a park in Helsinki, Finland, when he decided to take advantage of the moment and deliver a letter his son wrote to Santa Claus.

William has three children from his marriage to Catherine Middleton: Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George.

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The Duke claims that his son, George, didn't ask for much in his letter, so it wasn't hard for Santa Claus to fulfill his request. It seems like all he wanted was a toy police car!


Of course, the cute letter was signed by George himself. Also, the Duke and the Duchess assured Santa that their son had been very good during that year, so he deserved the police car he wanted.


The official Instagram account of the Kensington Palace shared an image of William meeting one of the most relevant Christmas characters out there for the first time. Without a doubt, it looks like they're having a great time.


That image quickly became viral as several people and media outlets reposted it. The photo was also shared by Kensington Palace on Twitter, stating that "the Duke delivered a letter from Prince George to Santa Claus" in the tweet.


Although it seems like being royalty has a lot of benefits, their children sometimes go through a rough time when it comes to certain things.

The Dukes of Cambridge are very careful about the way they educate their children, which is why they receive a different treatment than most kids their age.

One thing that is remarkable about royal children is that their parents usually donate most of their gifts to charity to avoid them getting spoiled. Because of this, little Charlotte and George will not receive all the presents that children their age usually get, which also means that they tend to enjoy the few gifts they receive.

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