Routine medical test once almost killed Chuck Norris' wife

While Chuck Norris is known to be practically invincible, he recollects the horror of his wife's almost fatal medical exam. Thankfully, she survived, but her experience may serve as a warning to others.

There are a lot of medical procedures that take place daily across the globe. Hospitals and clinics have been the backbone of global health, and so some processes have become so familiar that no one questions its reliability or safety.

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Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

Gena, the wife of international television and film star, was battling a not uncommon disease and going through rigorous medical treatment in Houston, Texas. Chuck experienced the bad side of this circumstantial ignorance, saying:

“I saw her dying!”

Gena had been fighting rheumatoid arthritis and was prescribed three MRIs per week to assess and monitor her situation. After her third session, Gena’s condition worsened.

She was immediately rushed to the emergency room and was tested for Parkinson’s, cancer, and A.L.S. among others, but none of them showed a solid diagnosis. She felt an unbearable burning sensation throughout the body, and the medical staff couldn’t explain it.

MRI tests are so popular that every person goes through it at least once in their lifetime. What escaped Gena and Chuck was the little known but fatal side-effect of MRIs.

When the woman started researching it, she discovered a shocking fact. A pre-MRI injection containing a toxic element called Gadolinium is used to enhance the images of the scan.

Gena immediately warned the staff in her ailing state, but the hospital didn’t prove to be helpful. That’s when Chuck stepped in and took her to Nevada and later to China to administer alternative treatment to Gena’s rapidly worsening situation.

She was struggling to swallow at that point, and her arm muscles started cramping severely. Gena suffered other physical issues, too. Gadolinium is assumed to leave the body immediately after the MRI is complete, but according to her tests, the heavy metal stayed in her system long after the procedure was done.

Where modern medicine failed, fortunately for the Norris family, the alternative detoxification method worked like a charm. It did take time, but the research paid off.

Gena and Chuck are now helping others by creating awareness about Gadolinium poisoning. Here's a video from the page that they support:

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