Comedian finally apologizes after calling Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy 'ugly'

Monica Otayza
Dec 03, 2018
10:36 A.M.

Comedian Funky Dineva gained a lot of unwanted attention after he commented on Blue Ivy's looks. After realizing that his comment caused outrage, he apologized for his words.


During his appearance on TS Madison's show called "The Queen Court", Funky Dineva and the rest of the guests spoke about Jay-Z, taking shots at his looks. Instead of diving more into the topic, Dineva decided to shift towards speaking about the rapper's 7-year-old daughter with Beyonce, calling the helpless child "ugly".


Being the daughter of two of the most powerful artists in the world, Blue Ivy has been under the spotlight since she was born. Although she's had some fair share of adorable moments that people often praise, there are also some people who are not afraid to share their thoughts about the child. Every time she faced criticism, though, Beyonce's loyal legion of fans always comes to their rescue.


After reaching thousands of loyal Beyonce fans after the video went viral on social media, they bombarded the comedian with words of anger, hatred, and disgust over his comments on Blue, just like they always do when someone throws shots at the Carters. Realizing that his actions have made a lot of people upset, Funky made sure to film a video to address the situation and even apologized to Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy for what he said.


Saying how he said those comments to make people laugh, he soon realized that the words he chose were "gross" and that he was a grown adult taking shots at a "defenseless" child.

"I'm upset with myself. I've said some off the wall things before in the name of comedy, and I've stood by them all and defended them all, and told the general public, you know, 'Forget you. You're just gonna have to be mad.' But this is one of those things that I'm not proud of. I can't stand in this one"


After the internet decided to teach the comedian a lesson through their posts on social media, Dineva says that he understands that what he did was wrong, and asked for forgiveness from all those who saw the video.


"I recognize wholeheartedly that what I did was wrong...Find it in your hearts to forgive me. Hopefully, we can get past this."

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