December 03, 2018

Cancer-stricken Texas farmer couldn't harvest his crop, but his neighbors stepped in to help him

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Greg Bishop is so loved in his Texan farming community that he didn't have to lift a finger to harvest his crop. 

According to CNN, the leukemia patient was undergoing chemotherapy while his 1,200-acre cotton farm reached harvest.

Instead of leaving the crop to be overrun, Bishops friends and neighbors came to his rescue last week Monday. 

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Aaron Hendricks has known Bishop for 25 years. Though usually shy, he spoke to the media about the kind farmer's ways: 

"He's a very good Christian man. Just a good-hearted man. He's very humble. He's just the best person." 

Hendricks, who is the general manager of Floydada Co-Op Gins, helped to arrange the $12 million worth of farming equipment that was used to gin Bishop's crop. 


Tearfully, he said: 

"I want everybody to know what kind of a guy Greg Bishop is, and how much people think of him." 

A group of 35 to 40 people came together to do the work that Bishop couldn't. Under the doctor's order, he was forced to stay indoors. 

According to Hendricks, more had shown up but he had to turn them away. 

"They all said, 'What can we do? We're ready to help.' "


Those who remained not only reaped the crops, they also directed traffic, took care of tumbleweed, and placed tarps onto the bales. 

Robert Nixon, who helped Hendricks in the coordination of the event, said: 

"We started around 10 o'clock this morning and a little before three we were done. I mean we had that many people." 

Hendricks explained just how big the effort was: 

"If he would have done it himself with one machine it probably would have taken him about two to three weeks." 

Bishop probably knew as much when Hendricks spoke to him on the phone last Wednesday. 



Hendricks said his friend was "just overwhelmed by what everybody did. He was in tears. He couldn't thank us enough for what we did." 

Bishop himself is said to be doing well. He is set to get a bone marrow transplant. Hendricks also divulged that a fund has been opened to raise money for Bishop to stay in Dallas as he desires. 


Another story coming from Texas has a much more bitter taste to it. Sadie Durbin ended this story with a legal case against a Roadhouse restaurant manager. 

Durbin, 30, was having a family meal on November 15 when her infant daughter started fussing. The mother of two promptly began nursing her child only to be greeted by the manager five minutes later. 

"I saw the manager coming around the corner, walking fast and shaking his head at me with a napkin in his hands." 

He claimed that they were "getting a lot of complaints," Durbin said. But the mother refused to cover up, saying she was "well within [her] rights to feed [her] baby." 



Breastfeeding in public has been legal in Kentucky from as far back as 2006.  Still, Durbin had made an effort to be "as discrete as [she could] be." 

After inquiring as to who complained, Durbin was again warned to cover up. She and her husband then left the establishment and the mother took to Facebook. 

The post received tons of responses, including some hate. The restaurant sent a response via email. It was not apologetic enough for Durbin, who is still suing in hopes of raising awareness and making a change.


And in a sweeter story, a two-year-old cancer patient danced with her father at the Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta back in August. 

Phoenix Thompson was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in early August. The heart-wrenching news is no easy feat to take in, least of all for her parents. 

Still, father Brett Thompson decided to dress up in his best suit for a special dance with his little girl. A nurse filmed the occasion and spread the joy online. 

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