Video of 'wide neck guy' and 'long neck guy' meeting for a 'death match' has gone viral

Aby Rivas
Dec 04, 2018
10:50 P.M.
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A man that was arrested twice in less than a month went viral when his mugshot hit the internet after people noticed he had an unusually wide neck. Now, the man is taking advantage of his fame, and a new video where he faces his “rival” has made him go viral for the third time.


Charles McDowell got his first 15 minutes of fame after the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page posted his mugshot last month. He was arrested under several charges including drug possession, fleeing police and reckless driving.


The photo earned almost 300k comments from people all over the country, but not for the reason one might think. McDowell’s massive, wide neck became a sensation among netizens, who took the chance to make several puns about it.

Less than two weeks later, he was arrested once again, this time in Lee County, Alabama. He was charged with the same felonies plus driving with an expired license. His second mugshot went viral once again.

He was released on a $5,400 bond.



But now it seems like McDowell has found the perfect way to make some clean money to pay his debt while making good use of his unexpected internet fame.

He started by creating official Instagram and Twitter accounts, got a marketing manager, and opened up his social media presence by promoting a “fight of the necks” against David Samuelson Jr., who is known for his extraordinarily long and thin neck. 


After taunting each other and teasing people for a while about the fight, making them choose sides and more, the pair finally met up in a hilarious video that went instantly viral.


In the clip, Samuelson is seen coming out of some bushes as he says “Is that [expletive] Wide Neck?” while McDowell asks “Where's that [expletive] Daddy Long Neck at? I'm about to beat his [expletive].”


However, as the men meet in the middle of the street, they shake hands and say to the camera “All necks matter.” What follows is a compilation of clips of Samuelson and McDowells riding swings, going down slides, enjoying a carousel and lighting each other’s cigars while Pharrell’s “Happy” plays in the background.

The video has earned over 5k comments from people making even more jokes about the men necks.

“Bruh acting skills on some necks level.”

“Ya know, I'd love world peace or an end to world hunger or something like that, but this video... this is the necks best thing.”


Others pointed out how McDowell is a “genius” for capitalizing on his neck and all the jokes he got about it:

“This man is capitalizing on his abnormal neck. The man was being made fun of now he’s famous….quick, someone make fun of my hairline.”


McDowell is now selling t-shirts and hoodies with his face, he just released a Christmas edition one, and he’s training to become an MMA fighter in the future.


However, the man is aware that he can’t erase his past mistakes, but he’s willing to take the opportunity life if giving him and start building a better future for him and his family.

“I grew up hustling in the streets, and I’ve made a lot of bad decisions to provide for me and my family[sic]. I know I Can’t change my past, but I will most definitely change my future. Don’t get it twisted; I’m still a hustler, it’s just a different type a hustle!” he captioned his latest Instagram video.

One has to wonder, what would the authorities think of the plot twist this man’s life gave because they shared his mugshot.