Robin Williams' Son Is All Grown up Now and Has Made a Name for Himself in Prisons

It has been four years since Robin Williams passed away. We will never see him smile again, but he's certainly doing it while watching his son Zachary change the world.

Robin Williams' passing was very shocking. No one expected him to take his own life as he always seemed to be a very cheerful man. But tears often hide behind smiles.

Williams left a legacy behind, one filled with joy, hope, laughter, and compassion. He was one of the most loved actors in Hollywood, and his death will never be considered anything less than tragic.

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With that legacy in mind, his son Zak decided to do so something for the world, to give something back to the community to make it a little better.

Celebrities' children often either follow their parents' footsteps or do absolutely nothing the whole day, preferring to live off their wealth. But Zak is not like that.

Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

He wanted to keep his father's philanthropic legacy alive and well. With the help of Curtis Carroll, also known as "Wall Street," an inmate at San Quentin State Penitentiary, he's teaching prisoners the value of money.

"I believe that financial education is the cure for guys who are chasing money where they're willing to kill a guy for 20 bucks."

Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

To Zak, this is a crucial issue. Considering that most crimes in America occur because of money, he feels that it's important to teach people financial literacy, as well as an appreciation for financial independence.

Those who already have money, want even more of it, so they commit crimes to fatten their wallets — those who don't are capable of doing anything to get it.

Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

After all, they have families to feed and robbing a store or selling drugs seem to be worth the risk. But it isn't, and many of them are caught, ending up with sentences that can last a lifetime.

Zak and Wall Street's objective is to make the inmates realize that there are other ways to "remain financially solvent without resorting to illegal activities."

That's the principal objective of their classes. Zak is putting the MBA he earned from Columbia University to good use, and his lectures are so popular that they even have a waiting list.

He's become very popular behind bars. When Zak was searching for rehabilitation programs inside prisons, he never thought that he would be able to teach something to someone.

As for Wall Street, he won't be leaving any time soon as he's facing a sentence for murder and armed robbery. But, despite what his crimes suggest, he's incredibly smart and wishes to teach others that money shouldn't control our lives.

Zak's father, a dedicated philanthropist and humanitarian, would have been proud of his noble quest, and he agrees, saying: “I think he would have loved the program and loved participating; we know he’s there in their spirit.”

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