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Princess Diana Loved Prince Charles & Once Tried to Lure Him Away from Camilla with Lingerie

Ksenia Novikova
Nov 19, 2021
02:12 P.M.
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Princess Diana might have been an inspirational person worldwide, but in her personal life, she struggled greatly. She once went out of her way to win her husband, Prince Charles, back, but it backfired.


When Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married in 1981, the world was sure they made the perfect couple and would be happy forever together. The couple even bore two children – sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

However, their marriage was far from happy, and in the docuseries "The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess," some secrets were revealed. Penny Thornton, Diana's astrologer, shared some heartbreaking details about the royal's relationship.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles as he leaves Cirencester Hospital on her 29th birthday on July 1, 1990 | Photo: Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images



Thornton claimed that one of the most shocking secrets Diana ever told her was about the night before her wedding to Charles. According to the astrologer, the People's Princess confessed that her fiancé told her he didn't love her, adding:

"I think Charles didn't want to go into the wedding on a false premise. He wanted to square it with her and it was devastating for Diana."

Princess Diana and Prince Charles during the Royal Tour of Canada on June 29, 1983, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | Photo: David Levenson/Getty Images


Diana was rightfully devastated by the news and even considered calling off their wedding. However, that wasn't the only instance where the Prince of Wales expressed that he didn't quite love his bride to be.

During their engagement interview, a reporter assumed the couple was "in love," leading Charles to respond, "whatever 'in love' means." Both parties ended up being unfaithful later on.



Diana really tried to get her husband to love her even though she knew he had a mistress - Camilla Parker Bowles. The prince's affair with Bowles was common knowledge.

Even today, Charles married Bowles after his marriage to Diana failed, the affair is frowned upon, and their marriage isn't celebrated much. Some people even blame the affair for the princess' death.



On Netflix's "The Crown," the love triangle story between Diana, Charles, and Bowles was addressed. Charles found himself falling for Bowles, who was already married and couldn't be with her.

Trying to honor his role, the Queen's son proposed to Diana Spencer, a teenager at the time. The pair barely knew each other, and Charles continued seeing Bowles behind his wife's back.


Diana and Charles were quite unhappy in their relationship, and things became quite toxic. Their relationship forced the Royal Family to admit that their rules were backward and that sometimes divorce was necessary.

Historians speculate that Charles wasn't allowed to marry his first love before she met her husband because Bowles didn't have a title. She'd also been with several other men before, unlike Diana.



The marriage between the Prince and Princess of Wales was filled with unrest, and the couple simply couldn't connect. However, this didn't stop Diana from trying to get her husband's attention and love.

Richard Kay, a friend of the princess, and Geoffrey Levy, his colleague, have since shared the incident that was Diana's last attempt at winning her husband's love from his mistress and first love.


According to Daily Mail, Bowles' sister, Annabel Elliot, hosted a party in 1989 to celebrate her 40th birthday. Many A-listers were invited to the event, including Prince and Princess of Wales.

However, it's good to note that Diana was only invited out of courtesy and wasn't expected to show up since she knew Bowles would be there. Initially, the princess hadn't intended to go for that very reason.


However, she later changed her mind and hatched a plan to try and outshine the mistress. She only replied to the invitation on the day of the event, which allegedly drove Bowles into a fit of rage.


Diana visited Harrod's lingerie department and bought an item that could be considered a little more seductive than what she usually wore. That night, the princess slipped into the lingerie set.


The following day she described the lingerie as "exotic" to a confidante. The enticing outfit was definitely something that her husband wouldn't have expected to see her in.


Before going to the event, Diana admired herself in a full-length mirror, just as Charles walked in and saw her. However, the reaction she got from him showed that her attempt at seduction had failed as he told her she looked "ridiculous."


It's good to note that at that point, the princess had also found comfort in someone else's arms - cavalryman James Hewitt. Diana and her husband weren't even sharing a bed anymore at this point.

Kay and Levy revealed how that night was the one Princess Diana finally realized that there was nothing left in her relationship with Charles. She finally accepted defeat and the loss of her marriage to Bowles.



As if his scathing comments about her underwear weren't enough, Charles allegedly spoke badly to his wife on the drive to the event. Being annoyed that she'd come along, he showed off his irritation to her.

Attendees were shocked to see Diana when she arrived. As the night dragged on, the princess found her husband sitting with Bowles, talking with a male friend, and things went south.



The People's Princess had avoided confrontation until that point but seeing them together pushed something in her, and she marched over. She demanded that the men should leave so she could speak to

Diana found Charles and Camilla sitting together, talking with a male friend as the night dragged on. Although Diana often avoided confrontation, this time, she marched up to them and asked the men to leave so she could speak to Bowles.


According to sources, years later, Diana allegedly asked Bowles to sit and listen to her. She reportedly confessed to knowing about Bowles' and Charles' affair and apologized for being in the way before asking not to be treated like a fool.


Charles' mistress was, unfortunately, unapologetic and allegedly mentioned how Diana already had two beautiful children and the world was in love with her – what more could she want, Bowles asked.


Diana responded that she wanted her husband but later revealed to friends that it was the night she realized that her marriage was over. She ended up depressed and fearful, isolating herself in the latter years of her life.


Ultimately, Charles asked for a separation, and his wife supported the idea with a "deep, deep, profound sadness." By August 1996, the Prince and Princess of Wales had finalized their divorce after 15 years of marriage.