Transgender teen films school administrators breaking into girls' toilet to kick her out

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 06, 2018
09:14 P.M.

A transgender teen decided to film the school staff at Osseo Senior High in Minnesota who forced to open the door of a bathroom stall while she sits inside.


On November 28, the student, who goes by the name Cece Doll, posted the videos on Facebook accusing school officials of violating her while she uses the bathroom.

"I Guess I Can't Use The Girls Bathroom Just Because I'm Transgender," she captioned the post.

Following the popularity of the videos, Osseo's principal Michael Lehan issued a statement that guaranteed no student had been forbidden from using any bathroom.

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In the first part of the two-part video, the transgender teen can be seen sitting in one of the bathroom stalls. The administrators then repeatedly demanded that she leave the stall.

However, the student refused to exit, so the female teacher took matters into her own hands. Using what appears to be a yardstick, she reached over the door and forcibly unlocked the bolt on the inside of the stall.

“I'm using the bathroom right now, and they just violated me,” the transgender can be heard saying in the video.


The second part of the video shows the officials appear to be advising her to leave the school grounds.

“This is the dude that violated me,” she says pointing at one of the men who were present at the time.

The video quickly went viral on Facebook with over 20,000 shares. A lot of netizens also added their thoughts via comments.

One user wrote, "Ima leave this here. As long as she notified the school that she’s transgender, she can use the restroom of her choice. End of discussion."


"It doesn’t matter if the bathroom is for females or male if you consider yourself a female you should be able to use the girl's bathroom. Period. The fact that they decided to open the door while you were using is not ok at all," added another.

Following the popularity of the videos, Osseo's principal Michael Lehan issued a statement that guaranteed no student had been forbidden from using any bathroom.

"I am aware of social media posts that significantly misrepresent an incident that occurred at school on Nov. 28. It's important for you to know that no students were barred or banned from using any bathroom at Osseo Senior High," he said.


But the principal didn't explain the purpose behind barging into the transgender's stall.

"I sincerely wish I could say more, but for data privacy reasons, I cannot provide details about a situation involving a specific student," said Lehan.

"What I hope you already know is that we work every day to create an inclusive school where students feel welcome and respected. Our staff regularly works with individual students and families who have varying needs, including needs related to identity."


To call for better treatment of transgender students, the activists immediately seized on the videos.

Recently, Cece Doll took to Facebook to share that she's grateful for all the support she had received.

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