Adorable moment little boy with autism rushes onto stage to greet the Pope

Dec 07, 2018
09:47 P.M.

It’s not every day that a Pope lets a child play around the stage while he’s speaking in front, but Pope Francis let a young boy with disabilities continue playing after the boy ran up to the stage.


Everyone was moved after Pope Francis’s choice, and he also encouraged the young boy to play around even though it could’ve caused a distraction. Instead, he used the boy as an instrument to teach a valuable lesson.

Six-year-old Wenzel Wirth stunned the people in the Vatican audience hall in Vatican City when he ran towards the Pope, according to the Associated Press.

Wenzel’s mother darted after him and informed the Pope that he couldn’t speak.

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

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As revealed by Reuters, the mother, who went to the Vatican with her family all the way from Verona, was told by the Pope, “Let him be, let him be.”

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

The Pope saw it as an opportunity to share an important lesson for the audience. He talked about how free the child is as Wenzel played around him. Pope Francis reportedly said that the child is “undisciplined-ly free, but he’s free.”

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

“He made me think of myself, ‘Am I also so free in front of God?' When Jesus tells us that we have to be like children he is telling us that we need to feel as free as a child feels in front of his parents,” he said.


The Pope’s words moved the audience. As for Wenzel’s father, Ariel Wirth told the Associated Press was very surprising to him and clarified that it was not planned.

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

Source: YouTube/ BBC News

He explained that Wenzel always had behavioral issues and that he and Wenzel’s mother try, as much as they could, to let the boy be free.

“He has to express himself, and we live without hiding his problems,” explained Ariel.

Meanwhile, during a papal visit, a young boy was emotional as he asked Pope Francis if his father, who was an atheist, would be sent to heaven since he had recently passed away at the time.

The Pope gave a touching answer saying that the father was still a good man for raising his son with Christian faith even though he was not a believer himself.

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