Teacher in love with 13-year-old student waits 7 years to marry her

Pedro Marrero
Dec 08, 2018
04:16 A.M.
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A controversial love story crossed borders and shocked many who believe that this romance is wrong because of the difference in age.


Sometimes real life is more shocking than fiction. In Indonesia the love between Vinda and Erwin began with many setbacks, their love was impossible for reasons that arouse anyone's astonishment.

Vinda Virgina and Erwin Pangalia met seven years ago when he was a high school teacher and she was a student, according to Tribune Minsel.

Both patiently waited for the prudent time and now they are husband and wife and the critics left it aside. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.



When Vinda met Erwin she was a little girl of 13 and he was an adult of 27. The girl became interested in him immediately and even stayed after school so that he would notice her interest.

His appearance, his broad shoulders, and his charisma captivated the young girl, but she was not the only one. Several students of the SMP Negeri 2 Tenga in Jakarta, fell in love with the teacher who remained absorbed in his work.


Although everyone was focused on their obligations, Vinda had the opportunity to attend classes with Erwin, who was appointed to instruct the Vinda group, reported Elite Readers.

Although the young professor's sympathy had more than one interested, he finally fell in love at Vinda's feet.

The girl was very intelligent and used many tactics to be able to make her teacher fall in love with many questions and get her attention. It was then when she was 13 years old, in 2011, when the young girl and the teacher started dating as a couple.



Because of the difference in ages, the love between the teacher and his student almost becomes impossible, but despite the setbacks, the couple fought to defend their love.

Both were criticized harshly for the 14 years of difference between them, but both raffled love and managed to break any obstacle, despite being called "immoral."


In 2018, after an intricate road, Erwin and Vinda were finally married and the young woman took advantage of her Facebook profile to write how proud she was of the dreamed moment.

"Erwin is my prince, my first love and also the last one," the young woman said, now fully living her love.

A similar story occurred when Intan Syazwani Mohd Hairizan, 20, met again with her professor of Physics in the high school, Muhammad Shamsul Bahari.


Little by little, they both found a magical connection between the two that surpassed the 12-year gap that separated them generationally.

The romance began as a comment on Instagram after she responded to one of her Instagram stories, "Handsome Professor," reported World of buzz

But after the now spouses posted their wedding photos on social media, the comments asking them to talk about how their story began.



Stories like those of Vinda and Erwin are repeated daily, but many people consider that the age gap is not an impediment for love and building a family.

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