Man sends ‘sexy’ photos to his wife while home alone with the baby and it goes viral

Ra'eesah Manack
Dec 08, 2018
09:23 A.M.
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A father of two surprised his wife with "sexy" pics while he was home alone with the viral. The hilarious facebook post, shown below, instantly went viral.


Father-of-two, Brandon Sillings' posted a series of raunchy pics to Facebook. He captioned it, "Sending sexy pics to the wife like..."

While his wife only saw the pictures when she got home, Facebook users went wild for the cute post. In the post Sillings posed in different spots in his home.


With a serious pout, the dad showed off his many "sexy" skills. He was pictured feeding the baby, taking the trash out and even washing the dishes.

The post has been shared over 380,000 times. It also collected more than 81,000 comments not to mention the number of times the post was viewed.



"Sexy sexy guy" wrote one commenter.

Another added, "that's right ... vacuum that floor just like that!!" Many others took to the comments to urge their men to be as "sexy" as Sillings.


Another dad who knows the way to a woman's heart is James Perry. He uploaded a  super cute video of him bathing his newborn baby girl for the first time three years ago.

The video was recorded by the baby's mom. She proudly filmed the adorable bonding moment between baby and daddy.

The video showed Perry cooing and talking to his daughter in the sweetest voice. He even tickled her a bit as he gently holds her in the warm water.