Bobby Brady from 'The Brady Bunch' now gets his hands dirty for a living

He acted as the youngest brother on the famed and iconic show, The Brady Bunch. Many would expect that he’s living the life in Hollywood with lots of money but that isn’t the case.

Mike Lookinland, 57, played the fun-loving, mischievous Bobby Brady on the much-loved show, The Brady Bunch. Lookinland was the youngest brother in that show.

He doesn’t act anymore but now earns an honest living getting his hands dirty making concrete counter-tops. The former child-star owns his own company called "Just Add Water."

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The former star revealed that they weren’t paid much during the show and he was not left rich by his association with Hollywood. Lookinland works with his son, Scott and told Inside Edition in 2016:

"How much more real could you be than making slabs of concrete? [...] You'd be shocked and amazed at how little they paid us to do The Brady Bunch. That's why I need a job".

The former star now lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Kelly Wermuth. Lookinland has been married to Wermuth since 1987 - she worked as a script supervisor on "Touched by an Angel."

He still keeps some Brady memorabilia around the house, like his Bobby Brady action figure. His wife also uses Alice's Brady Bunch Cookbook for recipes.

Lookinland was born in 1960 in Mount Pleasant, Utah, a small town located eighty miles south of Salt Lake City. He has a younger brother named Todd, who starred in The Blue Bird with Elizabeth Taylor.

The former star also has an older sister, Terese. Lookinland grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He is a self-professed conservationist and "camping nut." Lookinland attended the private Chadwick School on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California and graduated in 1978.

He was initially a TV commercial actor before he was cast in "The Brady Bunch" after doing around thirty commercials.

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