Rare photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones' children who look like copies of their star parents

The Hollywood A-listers shared photographs from their December vacation, even offering a rare glimpse of their two children. 

Actors Catherine Zeta-Jones, 49, and Michael Douglas, 74, took to their social media accounts to post images of their 2017 Christmas holiday, and their children, Dylan, 18, and Carys, 15, were with them.

The stars took a trip to Cambodia after touring India, and in one of the pictures, Michael can be seen leaning on his wife while the two enjoy tea and cakes aboard a boat going down a river.

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The couple usually keeps their teenagers away from the spotlight but decided to share a few photos of the siblings enjoying their vacation as well. The teens seemed happy while standing beside a water pump the family had donated, smiling for the camera.

It seems part of the trip was to see the well the Douglas family had donated to families in Cambodia, and in the caption, Catherine indicated what a joy it was for them to see others prospering as a result. The Oscar winner called it the “best Christmas gift.” 

Carys was dressed in a plain black shirt and long, grey, and black striped pants. She had her long brown hair tied back, and wore a pair of dark sunglasses on top of her head. 

Dylan wore a black polo shirt with red and white accents, a pair of dark grey shorts, and a black baseball cap. He had his sunglasses hanging from the neckline of his shirt. Both he and his sister were wearing sneakers and standing next to each other. 

The family was still in Cambodia on Christmas Day, where Zeta-Jones shared a lovely shot of the four of them from the Angkor Wat temple complex. 

They were standing next to the water in the complex, with the ornate decorative buildings in the background behind them. They looked relaxed and happy in Catherine's photo, which she snapped in black and white. 

In another photo, taken in India, the Taj Mahal can be seen in the background, and the entire family is standing together in the foreground smiling at the camera. 

Standing next to their parents, it's apparent just how much they look like their mother. While Carys seems a dead-ringer for a young version of Catherine, Dylan also has her nose and smile. 

The family’s visit to India has also taken them on a tiger safari, and by the looks of the many photos the actress has posted, the family was enjoying the bonding time together.

Dylan isn’t Michael’s only son. The actor was previously married to Diandra Luker, and the former couple welcomed a son, Cameron.

The 39-year-old man turned Michael into a grandfather already when he and his wife Viviane Thibes welcomed a daughter to their family. The baby girl was named Lua, and Michael revealed he and Catherine will be known to her as Bubba and Zeze. 

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