Story of boy speaking clearly for 1st time after dentist performed 10-second procedure is pure gold

Mason Motz, a boy from Texas, couldn't speak properly until his mother took him to the dentist, who quickly identified and fixed the problem.

The boy was six years old when Meredith, his mother, took him to the dentist for a regular checkup. Before that, he was mostly non-verbal, something that doctors linked to a brain aneurysm he had ten days after birth.

Apart from that, Mason has Sotos Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the facial structure and causes learning disabilities. Even though he had been working with a speech therapist for a while, nothing seemed to work.


In an interview Meredith had with Inside Edition, she revealed that Mason had a five-word vocabulary, what made her and her husband the only ones who could understand him. They even consider looking at alternative means of communication.

Thankfully, Meredith took Mason to a dentist appointment with Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar who noticed that the boy’s tongue was attached to the base of his mouth. She explained that it happened when Mason was in the womb.

As Dr. Luedemann-Lazar said, the tongue is on the floor of the mouth but, over the weeks, it separates, similar to the process of webbed fingers and toes. In Mason’s case, he was a tongue tie as his separation was incomplete.


The doctor then explained and asked Meredith and her husband for permission to do the 10-second procedure to “untie” Mason’s tongue, and they agreed. About seven hours later, the boy could create “full sentences for the first time” like “I’m hungry, I’m thirsty. Can we watch a movie?”

Not only Mason’s speech went from the level of a one-year-old boy to that of a four-year-old in a couple of months, but also no longer choked while eating. The speech therapist expects that the boy’s conversational skills will catch up with the rest of the children at the age of 13.


Mason is not the only child whose story became viral. Two-year-old Emily Smith had cancer and needed a liver transplant to survive. Thankfully, 30-year-old Joseph Osborn heard her story and reached out her family to help.

Heather Smith, Emily’s mother, said she had no words to describe what Joseph had done for her daughter, and that just thinking about it “gives you chills. That was a huge surgery that he undertook for a complete stranger,” added Heather.

Emily is expected to live a perfectly normal life thanks to Joseph. The best of all is that her cancer is now in remission.

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