Chaining up dogs could cause psychological damage

It is incredible the psychological damage that can cause a dog to be chained for years without the possibility of running and socializing.

As reported by One Green Planet, a man named Steve Markell, demonstrated through a video how much damage could be caused to a chained dog.

Steve recorded the radical change that a dog had after being freed from captivity. The dog – named Alex – was visibly stressed and behaved aggressively.

The German shepherd would not allow Steve to approach him while snarling and barking. Steve is a professional and after several minutes managed to earn Alex's confidence.

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

According to The Human Society of the United States, dogs that are tied up for long periods begin to suffer from anxiety and agitation, in turn increasing their aggression. 

Canines are extremely territorial animals and when they are confined to a small space, their protective instinct is altered and they become aggressive towards intruders. 

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

Steve knew very well that this German shepherd showed clear signs of being stressed, without receiving affection or encouragement from any of his caregivers.

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

While Steve approached Alex slowly, the dog tried to bite his hands. Steve convinced the animal to let him get close enough and loosen his chains.

However, the task was not simple. Steve had to remain firm and calm while the dog barked and desperately tried to bite him.

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

The rescuer used a thick blanket as a shield to avoid being bitten. After more than 25 minutes, Steve could take Alex to the station without the dog showing any signs of aggressiveness.

The next morning Steve goes back to record Alex and shows the incredible transformation that the dog had after a little love and care.

All the stress and anxiety were gone and in its place, there was only a loving and playful dog that enjoys the company of his new family.

Alex had never really been an aggressive dog, he just needed a place where they knew how to take care of him.

A reaction very similar to Alex was that of a little dog named Holly who was so scared when they went to rescue her that she tried to fiercely bite fiercely whoever tried to touch her.

Holly is hardly a small Chihuahua, but the aggressiveness with which she receives her rescuers seems worthy of a police dog. The team used a cloth to prevent the little dog from biting their hands.

After much patience, Holly calms down and her rescuer puts the strap on her. Holly could then be removed from the corner where she was hiding.

After caressing her a lot and showering the poor dog with love and affection, Holly transformed into a happy and lovable little dog again. 

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