Story about workers who found two paws sticking out from a ditch and rescued a kangaroo

When the construction workers saw a kangaroo stuck in the mud, they immediately sprang into action.

Back in 2017, the workers from Goondiwindi, in southwest Queensland, were installing an irrigation pipe when they discovered the little kangaroo trapped.

The kangaroo was hesitant at first and would not give himself a chance to be rescued. But then he permitted the kind-hearted individual to grab him by his legs and set him free.

The little kangaroo can be seen halting a couple of moments before leaving extremely happy. It might have been a sort of gratitude for saving him.

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One morning at the end of the workday, the group of workers discovered an animal that had been stuck in the fast-drying mud.

It wasn't a little pig, but rather a kangaroo stranded in the already dry land with cracks, which prevented him from saving himself.

The waste and recycling team of the Bundaberg Regional Council used their heavy construction equipment to save the kangaroo.



They needed to excavate the soil around where it was adhered to loosen the land that was at that point compacted. The group took just a couple of minutes to get the kangaroo out.

Tony Riley, the excavator operator, was the one who addressed the media after the rescue video turned into a web sensation. According to him, the animal looked stressed and exhausted.

“First of all I started digging a trench to him and I thought he might turn around and go through it to get away,” he said. “But it just kept getting deeper in the mud."



“I started digging the other side of him and the mud slid away and he was able to jump up the bank," he added.

Riley has been operating excavators for nearly two decades and said this was the very first time he had been a part of rescuing a kangaroo.

“It feels good to help and I didn’t think there would be this much publicity,” he said.



Kerry Dalton, the coordinator of waste and recycling, explained it was a call from a client who alarmed the council to the troubled creature. It was the second time they had something like this occur, she added.

After they rescued the kangaroo, she said that there was relief all around. “It’s always nice to see a happy ending,” Dalton said.

“It was like he jumped up to the machine and thanked it. He stood there and got his bearings before he hopped off.”

Though Dalton was uncertain to what extent the kangaroo had been there, she thought it might have been two or three hours at the most.

We are exceptionally appreciative that these men took the time to help a creature in danger. Unfortunately, other individuals are not as kind and respectful to animals.

This reminds us of a viral video of a man that began throwing punches to a caged kangaroo that got unmistakably frightened while the man continues irritating him.

For over a moment, the man repeatedly attempts to hit the kangaroo, which manages to avoid almost all fists.

Towards the end of the footage, the man is visibly disappointed by not having managed to hit the creature, so he slaps him and tries to head-butt him.

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