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Remember Lisa Rinna's Daughters? They Are All Grown-up and Look So Similar to Their Famous Mother

Ksenia Novikova
Jul 21, 2021
03:56 A.M.
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The actress and television host's daughters have grown up, and both of them bear a striking resemblance to their famous mother.


Lisa Rinna is the actress behind the iconic character Billie Reed in the daytime soap "Days of Our Lives." She also played Taylor McBride in "Melrose Place."

The actress has two young daughters with her husband, Harry Hamlin. They are growing up to look a lot like her. Her first, Delilah Belle Hamlin, was born in 1998 and her second daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, came three years later, in 2001.

Delilah Belle, Amelia Gray, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin at the Julien's Auctions and Tommy Hilfiger VIP reception on October 19, 2017 in Los Angeles | Source: Getty Images



The girls are now 23 and 20 years old respectively. The actress previously indicated that both of her daughters might follow in her footsteps in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, the girls have made numerous cameos with their parents on TV.

Delilah is an actress and model working under One Management. Her sister, Amelia, who is also modeling, signed with IMG at the age of 16.


She once said: "I have the feeling we're going down that path. Delilah is oozing talent. She's funny, can dance and sing... But I'm not going to be driving around to auditions. When she's 18, she can do that." 

Harry and Rinna are both excited for their children to become their own women. However, Harry once revealed that the children love fashion as much as their mother.



For two years and counting, Delilah Belle Hamlin has been in a relationship with Eyal Booker. Delilah believed that Eyal was the male version of her sister, so she slid into his DMs.

Even though Delilah revealed in 2019 that she checked into rehab twice in 2018 to address some mental health issues, she is feeling much better now after reaching out to her mom for help.

Also, Rinna is happy for her daughter because she believes that her daughter has found someone she can really connect with.



After signing up with IMG, Amelia also signed up with Women 360 Management in New York in June 2020. She started modeling when she was a student studying nutrition, wellness, and psychology.

In April 2018, Amelia first spoke about her battle with anorexia. She took to Instagram to bare her soul about the eating disorder that affects many young women worldwide.


In the post, she compared a photo of herself from 2018 to one taken a year before, where she is significantly skinnier, with her bones jutting out on parts of her tiny frame. 

In her caption, she wrote that eating disorders stem from the mind and reflect on your body. She went on and further stated: "... Once I got the help that I needed, shortly after the second photo was taken, I began to try to love myself for me."


In June 2019, she opened up about an incident involving her and her father in an episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." According to the star, her eating disorder caused her to lash out at her dad Harry Hamlin during the episode.

In the same episode, Rinna revealed: "Amelia has issues with food. You watch Amelia take two steps forward, one step back... It's just, you know, one day at a time."



Although Amelia denied dating rumors when she was first pictured with Scott Disick, 38, things are definitely heating up between the two. Also, there are rumors that things are getting serious between them.

Upon hearing about the relationship, Lisa Rinna was actually worried due to their age difference. On the other hand, Harry, at 32, was engaged to Ursula Andress when she was 47, and he is calm about the whole situation. However, Rinna said:

"It is what it is, guys. It is what it is."

Even though she's nervous, she still thinks it's a phase and is confused about whether she should contact Kris Jenner or not as she does not want to bring any undue attention to it all.


Besides the age difference, she is also worried about the negative publicity this will bring to her daughter. This is based on the fact that Amelia has only recently opened up about her eating disorders.

Scott Disick dated Khloe Kardashian for ten years, from 2005 to 2015, with three children from their decade-long relationship. He went on to date Sofia Richie between 2017 and 2020.