Video of delivery person caught stealing Amazon package she 'delivered' went viral last year

Beverley Cameron, a woman from Spanish Fort, Alabama, shared a video wherein the person supposed to deliver a package from Amazon stole it.

In the two-minute clip, the lady who works for what appears to be Amazon Flex is seen walking to Cameron’s home with two packages, a small and a large one. Once she placed them in front of the door, she scanned them and took a photo.

At that point, there was nothing wrong about it. However, once the deliverer took the picture, she grabbed the large one, walked back to the car she had arrived, and put it in. Seconds later, the woman left.


At first, Cameron thought that her second package, which was a hoverboard for Christmas, was still on its way, but when her husband received a delivery photo verification, they realized that they never received the large box seen in the image.

Source: Facebook/Beverly Cameron

Source: Facebook/Beverly Cameron

That’s when they check the CCTV cameras and found what the delivery lady did. Even though it was bothersome, Cameron and her husband were not worried because they knew Amazon would make it right, but she pointed out that things would have been different if the deliverer would have stolen something she needed quickly.

Source: Facebook/Beverly Cameron

Source: Facebook/Beverly Cameron

Apart from that, Cameron labeled as “disturbing” the fact that Amazon employs corporations like that one very frequently instead of getting more reliable and trustworthy delivery companies.

Source: Facebook/Beverly Cameron

Source: Facebook/Beverly Cameron

"I hate the crazy crowds and rely on Amazon way too much. It may push me to finish earlier so this doesn't happen closer to Christmas with no chance to reorder in time," said Cameron.

As the family expected, they received a refund from Amazon on their package. Apart from that, they filed a police report with Spanish Fort Police Department to prevent such a thing from happening again, reported WIVB.


While it was not the case, Daily Mail revealed that Amazon started planting “fake packages” in its delivery trucks which labels give an error message when scanned. If the driver doesn’t report the fault and keeps the package instead, they are listed as potential package thieves.

Even though the best option in such cases would be calling a supervisor to address the problem or returning it to the warehouse at the end of the day, some drivers might choose not to do it and “steal” the item as the error means that it was never registered on Amazon’s systems, so it “doesn’t exist.”

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