Serena Williams' husband melts hearts, pulling baby Olympia around in a princess carriage

Serena Williams shares a photo of her husband treating their daughter like a princess proving she married a stand-up father and husband. 

Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia is her daddy’s little princess which is why it comes as no surprise that her father, Alexis Ohanian treats her like one. 


In a sweet photo the tennis superstar recently shared, Olympia rides a toy carriage as her father pulls along. Sitting with her is her favorite doll, Qai Qai who appears to be looking straight at Serena who snapped the pic. 

“I see you @realqaiqai,” the athletic mother wrote referring to the doll’s own Instagram account. Qai Qai is so much a part of the family that her popularity earned her her own social media space.


Serena’s latest photo is another proof that Alexis is made of stuff husband and father goals are made of. In the past, he’s proven to be a stand-up family man that there’s no question Serena landed the perfect guy. In fact, an article in Vogue in July described him as the man who “makes all the other husbands look bad” after consistently backing his wife and springing up romantic gestures. 

Around the time the article was written, Alexis whisked Serena away to Venice just because she craved for Italian food after her Wimbledon loss.

When his wife was mocked in a cartoon following her US Open outburst, he came to her defense.

Moreover, when she returned to tennis after a leave due to pregnancy and birth, he surprised her with a row of billboards declaring her the “greatest momma of all time” on her way to her tournament.


But Serena isn’t the only one getting the royal treatment. Olympia is just as loved and cherished by Alexis. In fact, he admitted ahead of her birth that she’s the reason he was inspired to “get his life together.” Which is why despite the demands of his investments including Reddit, the social news website he founded and chairs, he finds time to bond with his princess. He plays with her, dotes on her, and makes sure he’s around when his mother is out on the court.  

Serena may have won trophies from her many tennis exploits, but she certainly won the greatest trophy of all, her husband. 

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