Dolly Parton's younger brother Floyd has passed away

Dolly Parton has been struck by grief yet again after learning that her younger brother, Floyd Parton, has passed away at the age of 61.

Floyd drew his last breath on December and was described as an "avid outdoorsman" with an "abundant knowledge of nature as well as being an incredible cook."

The news was shared on Tennessee's Atchley Funeral Home website, but Dolly is yet to release a statement regarding her brother's passing.

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Floyd was regarded as a multitalented man. Aside from knowing his way around nature and the kitchen, he was also a gifted musician and cooperated with his famous sister a handful of times.

Together, they wrote hits such as "Rockin' Years," in 1991, and "Nickels and Dimes," which was included in her chart-topping "Heartbreaker" album.


The late 61-year-old was the youngest sibling of the Parton bunch and, according to sister Rachel, 59, singing in the house was always heavily encouraged by their mother.

Floyd is survived by sisters Dolly, Stella, Freida, Rachel, Cassie and Willadeene, and brothers Coy Denver, Randy, Bobby and David, who are expected to attend his funeral.


While the Parton family appreciates all the thoughts, prayers and flowers, they asked for donations to be made to the My People Senior Activity Center, in Sevierville, in Floyd's memory.

The 72-year-old Dolly recently appeared next to Jennifer Aniston during an interview regarding Netflix's new original film "Dumplin," in which they worked together.

The duo was interrupted by none other than Sandra Bullock, who was backstage waiting for her turn to talk about her latest project, "Bird Box." 

The famous actress walked in with a tray of tequila shots, which she handed promptly after greeting Dolly and Aniston with a kiss before disappearing again. 

The moment was very funny and left both stars with a huge smile on their faces.

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