Eve and her mother rock black outfits in recent pic with former First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has been busy promoting her book through her book tour, but she had time to spare to meet up with Eve and her mother, who smiled happily for a photo with the former first lady. 

Michelle Obama took a quick break amidst her book tour, smiling for photos with known personalities like Eve and her mother. According to the singer, she spent the night in awe of Michelle Obama's wisdom, listening to her speak about her experiences and what her supporters can expect from her book. 

"What a beautiful #inspiring night to share with my #mom @thebarclayscenter hearing @michelleobama speak #thanku for writing this book and inspiring not just #women but #everyone I AM #becoming the most Authentic Version of Myself. What are you #becoming"

When Michelle Obama launched her memoir "Becoming" on November 13, no one expected her to sell 1.4 million copies of it in just one week. However, that's exactly what happened, as, on November 21, Crown Publishing informed Associated Press that she did sell that many books in the US and Canada alone in just seven days. 

According to the publisher, they printed 3 million hardcover copies just for North America alone based on demands, and it is currently the number 1 adult non-fiction title in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Denmark, and Finland. 

The demand for the books worldwide has caused publishers to print more copies, particularly a second batch of 100,000 copies in Germany and 575,000 in the United Kingdom. 

While past memoirs written by other First Ladies had a substantial amount of sales, nothing came close to that of Michelle's. Hillary's memoir "Living History" back in 2003 only sold 600,000 copies in its first week. 

With the success of her book, Michelle has gone on a book tour to reach more people and talk about her cause. Instead of just speaking about herself, she makes herself relatable to all those she meets, which is the reason that people go out to buy her book and join her on the tour in the first place. 

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