Depressed Grandma Undergoes Drastic Makeover and Looks Unrecognizable

Mary Johnsen, from Minnesota, felt she was ugly, but a famous stylist worked his magic fingers to make her look like an entirely different person.

Back in 2017, the 62-year-old Johnsen went through a rough time. She was depressed and not taking much care of herself after the series of passings of people close to her.

Her granddaughter had noticed she wasn't feeling great about her appearance and chose to surprise her with a meeting with "The Makeover Guy" Christopher Hopkins.

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Source: Youtube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

Source: Youtube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

In a short period, Johnsen lost several people who are very influential to her, beginning with her mom. This was too much for Johnsen to deal with, and the closeness of death made her feel old and ugly.

However, her granddaughter wouldn't give this feeling a chance to defeat her grandma. She then thought of getting her a makeover with celebrity beautician, Hopkins.

"[My grandmother] doesn't really think that she's pretty and she is. And I just want her to be able to see that in herself," Johnsen’s granddaughter explained.

Source: Youtube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

Source: Youtube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

After reaching an agreement on what Johnsen’s new look would have been similar to, Hopkins spent a few hours taking a shot at her hair and putting on cosmetics to make her natural beauty stand out.

The results of Johnsen’s makeover were so mind-blowing and had such a decent impact on her that Hopkins shared a video reviewing the experience on his YouTube channe.

Source: Youtube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

Source: Youtube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

Johnsen was pleased after her makeover was finished, and when she left the salon, her granddaughter couldn't believe what she was seeing. The senior woman then wrote an appreciative letter to Hopkins:

“I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and liked what I was seeing! That hasn't happened in a very long time. I walked into the salon not feeling very attractive, and walked out feeling pampered and pretty! You guys are fabulous!!”

What an extraordinary blessing to provide for our older relatives, to help them to remember how lovely they are and boosting their confidence. It truly makes a difference in their lives, and all it takes is two or three hours.

Like Johnsen, an elderly woman named Pat Thomas also received a makeover from Hopkins.

Thomas spent a very long time with the same gray hair. As her 65th birthday celebration drew nearer, she decided to make an appointment with "The Makeover Guy."

The senior lady knew that Hopkins could transform her gray hair into a stylish hairdo. Along with her sister, Thomas drove Manitoba, Canada to Minneapolis.

After the makeover, Thomas let out an excited yelp when Hopkins whipped around the chair and showed her new hairdo. It was more beautiful than she could have ever envisioned.

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